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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 13 2018

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“I dunno” BEATSME
“In __ of gifts … ” LIEU
“It’s cold in here!” BRR
“Nice thinking!” GOODIDEA
“Now!” in Westerns PRONTO
“Otello” solo ARIA
“The Alienist” novelist Caleb CARR
“Tiny Bubbles” singer DONHO
“Weekend Update” show, in tweets SNL
*”I Want You to Want Me” band CHEAPTRICK
*Clairvoyant MINDREADER
*NYSE nickname, with “The” BIGBOARD
*Stingray predator named for a tool HAMMERHEADSHARK
2016 Olympics city RIO
Acclaimed war pilot AIRACE
Actress Charlotte RAE
Aerie youngster EAGLET
Agua, across the Pyrenees EAU
Big wheel at sea HELM
British __ ISLES
Brush-on wood finish SHELLAC
Canada’s national apple MCINTOSH
Capital in Canada and Colombia? CEE
Cavs, on scoreboards CLE
China’s Chou En-__ LAI
Clairvoyant SEER
Coastal bird ERN
Depended (on) RELIED
Enterprise captain KIRK
Felipe’s father PADRE
First Hudson River automobile tunnel HOLLAND
Four-way __: certain intersection STOP
Guitar-making hardwood ALDER
Healthful berry ACAI
It’s a wrap SARAN
Jackman of “X-Men” HUGH
Knight’s title SIR
Knocker’s place DOOR
MADD concern DUI
Mined metal ORE
Nest egg initials IRA
Ocean measure DEPTH
One prompting CUER
Opposite of NNW SSE
Otis of elevators ELISHA
Picasso’s movement CUBISM
Pilate’s “Behold!” ECCE
Puts on, as a show STAGES
Rank below cpl PFC
Reading organ EYE
Red, white and blue COLORS
Reversed, as a deed UNDONE
Rope material HEMP
Rug on one’s pate TOUPEE
School assignment REPORT
Scottish port DUNDEE
Small jazz combo TRIO
Struggle with “s” sounds LISP
Sudden power increase SURGE
Suffix with form ULA
Talk show partner COHOST
Tea biscuit SCONE
This evening, in ads TONITE
Throbbing pain ACHE
Tint HUE
Vacation memento … or where you might find the ends of the answers to starred clues? POSTCARD
Versatile vehicle, for short UTE
Vietnam neighbor LAOS
Walter of “The Odd Couple” MATTHAU
Wide shoe sizes EES
Work on a statue SCULPT
__ butter: cosmetic moisturizer SHEA
__ City: computer game SIM
__-Price: toy company FISHER