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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
’90s Polish president Walesa LECH
‘Both options are practical’ EITHERWILLWORK
‘Carpe diem!’ THETIMEISNOW
‘Methought __ enamour’d of an ass’: Titania IWAS
‘That scared me!’ EEK
A star may have a big one EGO
Architectural column bases PLINTHS
Cell division that produces gametes MEIOSIS
Championship ice dancer __ Virtue TESSA
Characteristic TRAIT
Charity sale goods RUMMAGE
Children’s song refrain featured in the four longest answers EIEIO
Common Pacific groupings ATOLLS
Cradle-rocking site of rhyme TREETOP
Debatable ability ESP
Decorative container URN
Depressed areas SLUMS
Eduardo’s east ORIENTE
Elicits a ‘Grrr!’ from IRES
Excalibur, for one SWORD
Failed, as a business GONEUNDER
Fights (through), as a crowd JOSTLES
First group seen in ‘Macbeth’ WITCHES
Former Filipino first lady Marcos IMELDA
Fountain output SODAS
Four-song discs, briefly EPS
Freebies COMPS
Frightening word BOO
Fuel for a fire LOGS
Give a heads-up WARN
Gives the go-ahead OKS
Good ideas that don’t always pan out BESTINTENTIONS
GPS datum RTE
GPS suggestion to avoid a tie-up NEWDIRECTION
Group of groupies RETINUE
Gulf of Oman vessel OILER
Headed for the hills RAN
Hot dog, to a Hamburger WURST
Land in la mer ILE
Lb. and oz WTS
Library ambience SILENCE
Madame’s mine AMOI
Monsieur across the border HERR
Nor. neighbor SWE
Objects of fondness DEARS
Often-shared sandwich HERO
One with something to lose DIETER
Ones of interest, perhaps PERSONS
Optically active pattern MOIRE
Polo usually not on horseback TERI
Prof’s helpers TAS
Protuberant organ EAR
Puts on TV AIRS
Rams QB Goff JARED
Register user CLERK
Set boundaries DREWALINE
Show contempt for SNEERAT
Sleep soundly? SNORE
Solo in space HAN
Somewhat, with ‘a’ MITE
South Carolina river to the Atlantic SANTEE
Spring for a drink? OASIS
Team whose mascot’s head is a ball METS
Thing of worth ASSET
Trial TEST
Undefeated Ali LAILA
Vatican’s higher authority DIO
Venerated figure SAINT