L.A. Times Daily – Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Agreed!” AMEN
“Hometown Proud” supermarkets IGAS
“Not a prayer” ZEROCHANCE
“On the contrary” FARFROMIT
“Siddhartha” author HESSE
“Sorry, you can’t talk me out of this” NOIINSIST
“That’s too bad” ALAS
“__ moi, le déluge”: Louis XV APRES
“__ Mucho”: classic Consuelo Velázquez song BESAME
1940 toon goldfish CLEO
24-part epic ILIAD
600 Home Run Club member SOSA
Baja boy NINO
Broad perspective THEBIGPICTURE
Ceres, for one DWARFPLANET
Classic autumn treat APPLECRISP
Clemson’s conf ACC
College sports channel ESPNU
Cosmic balance KARMA
Could be taken for PASSESAS
Courtship ritual MATINGDANCE
Deep divide CHASM
DFW posting ETA
Dizziness cause, perhaps EARACHE
Fruity compound ESTER
Gratify ELATE
In spot? DOOR
iPad choice MINI
Junction point NODE
Kaiser offering HMO
Letter spelled by inserting a letter into another letter PSI
Like investment-grade bonds RATEDAAA
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Mideast carrier ELAL
Mumbai misters SRIS
Name on a “Speed” movie poster SANDRA
Nottingham-to-London dir SSE
Online addresses, for short IPS
Online loan calculator, e.g ETOOL
Operative ASSET
Ordained DECREED
Ottoman Empire symbol FEZ
Played a high wind FIFED
Principle TENET
Protein-building molecule RNA
Publicity INK
Put out of action SIDELINE
Quaint letter opener SIRS
Rabbit relative PIKA
SALT subject ABM
Seventh of eight URANUS
Silver of FiveThirtyEight NATE
Some RPI grads EES
Soul, to Aristotle ANIMA
Term regarding distribution EACH
The blahs ENNUI
Things to do TASKS
Throws out SCRAPS
Thwack SWAT
Toshiro ___, actor in many Kurosawa films MIFUNE
Vast amounts SEAS
Was friendly to SMILEDAT
What yoga may be practiced on ONELEG
Winter Olympian CURLER
Wish list items WANTS
Word in many rates PER
__ candle ROMAN
__ green FOREST
__ Ideas Festival: annual Western resort conference ASPEN

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