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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“10” co-star BODEREK
“Elements of Algebra” author EULER
“Full Frontal” network TBS
“I am Iron Man” speaker TONYSTARK
“Out of the Cellar” rock band RATT
“Regardless … “ ATANYRATE
2012 Affleck thriller ARGO
A show may have a long one RUN
Advance LEND
Alerts about potentially disturbing content TRIGGERWARNINGS
Butcher buy LOIN
Cold War warm-up DETENTE
Computer problem CRASH
Cookout options WEENIES
Development site UTERUS
Disgraces SHAMES
Diving device SNORKEL
Dodger Pee Wee REESE
Emulate a bookie TAKEBETS
Exclusive MLB cap supplier NEWERA
Fine points PRONGS
Fire TV button: Abbr REW
French pointillist SEURAT
Gender identity spectrum NONBINARY
Genre originally called the West Coast Sound YACHTROCK
Glowing star, say? EMOTER
Hephaestus’ workshop was said to be under it MOUNTETNA
Hit the gym, with “up” TONE
Honolulu setting: Abbr HST
Involve deeply IMMERSE
It acquired the naming rights for the former Safeco Field TMOBILE
Its General Test consists of six sections: Abbr GRE
Kawhi Leonard’s org NBA
Last ruler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty NERO
Last words of Kipling’s “If__” MYSON
Longtime Masters TV venue CBSSPORTS
Longtime New Yorker cartoonist PETERARNO
Making teams, in a way CHOOSINGUPSIDES
Med. insurance plan HMO
MLB “twin killings” DPS
More cunning WILIER
NL West team, on scoreboards ARI
Organisms that move via pseudopodia AMOEBAS
Pair in a view? CENTS
Peter of reggae TOSH
Pilates targets ABS
Plunder BOOTY
Quid pro quo SWAP
Rusts or grays AGES
Saturate IMBRUE
Sharp weapon BAYONET
Smooths, in a way SANDS
Snarfing sound NOM
Sneaky programs SPYWARE
Sony videocassette brand developed in 1982 BETACAM
Sporty Audis TTS
Swedish pop band ABBA
Twitter malcontent HATER
Unstable SHAKY
Wave that maintains its shape and speed through collisions SOLITON
Wedding memento ALBUM
Wide-brimmed hat SOMBRERO
Wintry, in a way ICY
Wintry, in a way WHITE
[“Is this thing on?”] TAP