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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 16 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Acid” LSD
“Eat Better, Eat Together” mo OCT
“Hell is other people” French dramatist SARTRE
“Iron Mike” in the ring TYSON
“Little help here, bud?” BEAPAL
“Milk’s Favorite Cookie” OREO
“The Balcony” playwright GENET
“Yada, yada, yada” letters ETC
“__ Been Thinking About You”: 1991 #1 hit IVE
“__ the ramparts … “ OER
… “fast-paced environment” … and we got a __! RACECARDRIVER
… “flexible hours” … and we got a __! CONTORTIONIST
… “good driving record” … and we got a __! PROGOLFER
… “high-energy position” … and we got a __! TRAPEZEARTIST
… “service-minded attitude” … and we got a __! WORSHIPLEADER
… “strong verbal skills” and we got a __! DRILLSERGEANT
A channel may lead to one INLET
African antelope ORIBI
Always, to a poet EER
Ancient music hall ODEON
Asian New Year TET
Author Bagnold ENID
Be mistaken ERR
Bearded flower IRIS
Belief system ISM
Bob Marley, e.g RASTA
Bodybuilder’s asset BRAWN
Boomerang’s path ARC
Born, in Brest NEE
Brief scuffles SETTOS
Cape Town’s home: Abbr RSA
Caper film subject HEIST
Carp family fish CHUB
Cell, nowadays PHONE
Coastal bird ERNE
Coat material SERGE
Colorless gas for colorful signs NEON
Common quartet instrument VIOLA
Copy __ EDITOR
Cover-up in Nero’s time TOGA
Covered, in a way INSURED
Deliver spontaneously ADLIB
Did very well in ACED
Does a metalworking job SOLDERS
Door support JAMB
Drink mixer, in Manchester BARMAN
Emphatic type ITALIC
Eurasian range URALS
Ewoks’ forest moon ENDOR
Experienced OLD
Farm product CROP
Fifth-century invader HUN
Fitting tightly NESTING
Franklin’s burned wood STOVE
Germany’s von Bismarck OTTO
Gluck’s “__ ed Euridice” ORFEO
Haphazard application SMEAR
Hard pull TUG
Honoring verses ODES
Horns usually shed once a year ANTLERS
In single file TANDEM
Island wine MADEIRA
Job for a stylist HAIRDO
Keyed up ONEDGE
La. or Dak., once TERR
Late to the max NEWEST
Less clear MUDDIER
Letter embellishment SERIF
Like granola bars OATEN
Like some sports INDOOR
Linger idly LOITER
Ljubljana language SLOVENE
Loch with a legend NESS
Long-bodied fish EEL
Make a choice OPT
Member of the fam REL
Microsoft product WORD
Musical modifier POCO
Name possibly derived from the Arabic for “hairy” ESAU
Natural soother ALOE
Nebraska senator Fischer DEB
Nevada casino city RENO
NFL linemen RGS
Non-Rx OTC
Of a battery terminal ANODAL
One given the part ACTOR
One living an orderly life? NUN
One of two presidents between a James and an Andrew ABE
Open court hearing, in law OYER
Opposite of WSW ENE
Parodies SENDUPS
Poetic period MORN
Prepare for sushi, in a way CHOP
Program in advance PRESET
Programming classroom PCLAB
Prohibition BAN
Protective shelter LEE
Provide with funding ENDOW
Pumpernickel grain RYE
Pupils do it in the dark DILATE
Puts back up REHANGS
Putting on the payroll HIRING
Reagle of “Wordplay” MERL
Rescue plea SOS
Royal ornaments JEWELS
Russian note RUBLE
Sailor TAR
School income source TUITION
Sets upright ERECTS
Shaving cream additive LANOLIN
Six-sided fastener HEXNUT
Small deer ROES
Smoke dispensers, at times GRENADES
Something to crow about? SUNUP
Songwriter Redding OTIS
Sources of fine wool MERINOS
Start to build a pot ANTE
Statements of faith CREEDS
Strip of equipment UNRIG
Surround GIRD
Sway on a curve CAREEN
Sweetheart DEARIE
Taking with force SEIZING
Taro paste POI
Team that’s won six Super Bowls STEELERS
The ad said “seasonal work” … and we got an __! EXECUTIVECHEF
They happen EVENTS
Tootsy protector BOOTEE
Turned up ground DUG
Versatile truck, informally UTE
Very small amount IOTA
Visibly anticipate, with “over” DROOL
Weather map line ISOBAR
Wind catcher SAIL
Word between two cards? ANY
__ bar DIVE
__ light IDIOT
__ Puff: SpongeBob’s driving teacher MRS