L.A. Times Daily – Aug 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“American Greed” channel CNBC
“Believe” diva CHER
“Best. Day. __!” EVER
“Dibs!” MINE
“Do not push me right now” IMINNOMOOD
“Done venting!” ENDOFRANT
“Fool me __ … “ ONCE
“Go figure!” FANCYTHAT
“Mom” actor Corddry NATE
“The Daily Show” correspondent Lydic DESI
“The Jetsons” dog ASTRO
“Veep” award EMMY
*Knowledge based on empirical evidence GROUNDTRUTH
*Rehearsed reply CANNEDRESPONSE
*Spoke indirectly MINCEDWORDS
Adversary FOE
Austen heroine played by Anya Taylor-Joy EMMA
Bing company MSN
Black-and-white dunkers OREOS
Black-and-white swimmer ORCA
Brolly carriers BRITS
Catchy parts of pop songs HOOKS
Come together UNITE
Competed (for) VIED
Cosmic comeuppance KARMA
Debonair SUAVE
Dim sum beverage TEA
Dreyer’s partner in ice cream EDY
Enlarged one’s family, in a way ADOPTED
Fiji neighbor TONGA
Georgia __ TECH
Good times FUN
Hindu epic hero RAMA
Interview talking point ASSET
Island ring LEI
Less than some NONE
Like some biological networks NEURAL
Lithium-__ battery ION
Locale VENUE
Museum curator’s concern ARTFORGERY
Oak of the future ACORN
Omega, to an electrician OHM
Patronize neighborhood shops, say BUYLOCAL
Revitalizing snooze CATNAP
Rx orders MEDS
Second novel in Marilynne Robinson’s “Gilead” series HOME
Short “Chat again soon” TTYL
Side issue? THORN
Sincere REAL
Snappy dresser FOP
Sneakier SLYER
Some “hazy” brews, for short IPAS
Something to chew on, and a hint to the answers to the starred clues FOODFORTHOUGHT
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Sound that may wake sleeping parents WAH
Spa treatment PEEL
Spanish “That’s enough!” NOMAS
Sporty option TTOP
State bird that sometimes nests on lava fields NENE
Storms that may be chased TORNADOS
Successful sprint to the end zone, briefly TDRUN
Target of some mining DATA
Tiny toiler ANT
Together ASONE
Turner in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame TINA
Two-time Wimbledon winner Murray ANDY
Uber charge FARE
Unlikely esports champions NOOBS
Vagabond DRIFTER
Wedding ring? HORA
Willing to talk OPEN
Winter Palace monarch TSAR
Woeful cry OHME
Young amiga CHICA

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