L.A. Times Daily – Aug 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Did you miss us?” WEREHOME
“I hate it” UGH
“On the Media” medium RADIO
“Rubber Duckie” singer ERNIE
“Thereabouts” ISH
“Trust your __” GUT
“Well done, you!” GOLDSTAR
“Yeah, don’t think so” UMNO
“Yippee!” HOORAH
“You can’t deny it,” and a good question about the answers to the starred clues WHEREISTHELIE
“You wouldn’t __!” DARE
*Extremely poor student? LORDOFTHEFS
*Football official who makes the absolute worst calls? DISASTERREF
*Sounds when Dad is on the roller coaster? POPSWHEES
*Woefully inadequate crust on a steak? SORRYCHAR
100 cents EURO
@ signs ATS
A throw EACH
Actress Long NIA
Adjective on taco truck menus ASADA
Banish EXILE
Bread served with saag paneer ROTI
Bronx cheer leader BOOER
Buenos __ AIRES
Business closing? INC
Co. for surfers ISP
Diamond-studded watch, e.g BLING
Doodles DRAWS
Drama award OBIE
Drift, as an aroma WAFT
Exist ARE
Far-reaching BROAD
Flat bread? RENT
Florida NFLers BUCS
Former NBA center who made only one three-point shot in his career ONEAL
Gardener’s tool HOE
Goes after ASSAILS
Clues Answers
Greek peak OSSA
Hawk in a duet OSPREY
Increases quickly RAMPSUP
Ingest EAT
Kitchen counter? EGGTIMER
Logger’s tool AXE
Maker of The Hero and The Fixer lip care products EOS
Makes fit, in a way SHOEHORNS
Maracan‹ Stadium city RIO
Margarita condimento SAL
Minute ITSY
Moderate pace TROT
Notes app entries IDEAS
O’er and o’er OFT
Old Royale 8’s REOS
Pen pals? HOGS
Poipu patio LANAI
Pond plants REEDS
Prefix meaning “light” PHOTO
Prefix with gender CIS
Rangers goalie Shesterkin IGOR
Red parts of Louboutin shoes SOLES
Response from the underwhelmed MEH
Sally of “Brothers & Sisters” FIELD
Single-sex group of experts MANEL
Sounds of awe OOHS
Span. title SRA
Start to cycle? TRI
Study __ SESH
Temple athletes OWLS
The Hawkeye State IOWA
The Iditarod, e.g SLEDRACE
Tower of note AAA
Underwhelming SOSO
Work-from-home attire, for many SWEATSUIT
Younger sibling, stereotypically PEST

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