L.A. Times Daily – Aug 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Awkward Black Girl” creator RAE
“Goodness me” GOSH
“I feel seen” ITME
“Mozart in the Jungle” star Kirke LOLA
“RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!” regular O’Hara ASIA
“Say what?” COMEAGAIN
“She put the Miss in misdemeanor when she stole the beans from Lima” singers ROCKAPELLA
“That’s what you’re bragging about? You do you … “ WEIRDFLEXBUTOK
“__ Luna”: Allende novel EVA
A crow’s twig, e.g TOOL
Accutane target ACNE
Big finish BANG
Bonus rooms DENS
Breed from Honshu AKITA
Cajun staple OKRA
Catwoman player KITT
Change of fortune? LUCKYPENNY
Competition series that features Mystery Box and Pressure Test challenges MASTERCHEF
Court apparel ROBES
Court apparel SKORT
Dark aspect of one’s persona INNERDEMON
Dark days or long days SOLSTICES
Device with threads LOOM
Disallow DENY
Electric company? TESLA
Emily Oster’s subj ECON
Fabled food that’s bear-ly eaten? PORRIDGE
Fence-sitter’s deterrent BARB
French dip? PLIE
Gambling mecca near Hong Kong MACAU
Go for the win, in Clue ACCUSE
Goes underground SPELUNKS
Having clear boundaries EDGED
Head space? FACE
Heating pad target ACHE
Inseparable THICK
Insolent CHEEKY
Japanese mushroom ENOKI
Jelly that may be added to boba tea ALOE
Keys on a piano ALICIA
Low digits TOES
Mantis of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” for one EMPATH
Mint family herb SAGE
Mollifies QUIETS
More aloof ICIER
Navajo taco base FRYBREAD
Oil in some pet treats, for short CBD
One guarded on a soccer pitch SHIN
Pottery and printmaking ARTS
Shutter part SLAT
Sign of shock GASP
Smudge BLOT
So much ALOT
Soyinka who was the first Literature Nobelist from sub-Saharan Africa WOLE
Stadium suite SKYBOX
Sword-wielding animal on Sri Lanka’s flag LION
Taxing time? MIDAPRIL
Texting inits SMS
Three-time Best Director of the 1930s CAPRA
Tough going SLOG
Traditional Islamic garment BURQA
Trick DUPE
Woman whose immortalized cell line was used in developing the polio vaccine HENRIETTALACKS
Work with one’s buds? TASTE
World Golf Hall of Famer Lorena OCHOA
__ bar TAPAS
__ noodle POOL
__ shop MALT

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