L.A. Times Daily – Aug 21 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” spin-off ANGEL
“It was fun!” WHATABLAST
“Sure, why not?” YESLETS
1966 Literature Nobelist Nelly SACHS
Barbecue receptacles ASHPITS
Be totally stumped HAVENOIDEA
Bubble tea ingredient TAPIOCA
Buttercup cousin ANEMONE
Collect dust SIT
Condescend STOOP
Cooking student of Martha INA
Corpse Pose, e.g ASANA
Covert ops outfit CAMO
Cross a line one shouldn’t cross ENCROACH
Curtains DOOM
Decisive defeat WATERLOO
Designated SLATED
Energizes AMPSUP
Expresses appropriately PHRASES
Flight school hurdle SOLO
Green target HOLE
Hits the jackpot WINSBIG
It precedes some puck drops OCANADA
Joy, for one EMOTION
Lamasery music CHANT
Legally off base ONLEAVE
Many a charity tournament PROAM
Many a TikTok teen EBOY
Mixes together POOLS
Model’s makeup, maybe CLAY
Needle TEASE
Next in line HEIR
Not take well? POACH
One “whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be”: Bierce CYNIC
One may be blank STARE
Part with teeth GEAR
Preserves, as beef CORNS
Pub device ALETAP
Quick cuts SNIPS
Ring around a pupil IRIS
Rooney __, co-star of the 2015 film “Carol” MARA
Sheep originating in Spain MERINOS
Short-term bus purchase ONEDAYPASS
Signals CUES
Singer Lorde’s given name ELLA
Single-serving coffee units KCUPPODS
Site for a rite ALTAR
Some mall hirees SANTAS
Spot for a wistful stroll MEMORYLANE
Stamford-based humanitarian relief group AMERICARES
Subject of Huáscar INCA
Take notice SEE
Tamboura kin SITAR
Tandyr __: Central Asian flatbread NAN
Team apparel, informally UNIS
Tenzing-Hillary Airport site NEPAL
Took in, say ALTERED
Trivia quiz site SPORCLE
Tunnel diggers ANTS
Understand GET
Warm-hearted Seuss character WHO
Way back LONGAGO
Welcoming expression SMILE
Went wild RANAMOK
What a coach’s hands-down gesture may mean SLIDE
__ out: hit the edge of the hole without going in, in golf LIP
__-com ROM

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