L.A. Times Daily – Aug 22 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Anything __ we can do?” ELSE
“Bro!” DUDE
“Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” singer Chris REA
“Today” rival, briefly GMA
“Yu-Gi-Oh!” genre ANIME
2000 Grammy-winning hit featuring Eminem FORGOTABOUTDRE
2020 Anya Taylor-Joy title role EMMA
67, for Beethoven’s Fifth OPUS
Ali, once CLAY
Amber, for one RESIN
Anklets, e.g SOCKS
Antitoxins SERA
Apple desktop IMAC
Approximately CIRCA
Art Deco artist ERTE
Artisan group GUILD
Asthmatic’s device INHALER
Baby party SHOWER
Bedard who voiced Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney film IRENE
Bit player COG
Bombard, as with snowballs PELT
Boosts COPS
Broadway revue featuring pop standards that won a 1997 Grammy SMOKEYJOESCAFE
Burger go-with SHAKE
Burt’s Bees parent CLOROX
Campfire treat SMORE
Carried BORNE
Casual material DENIM
Central parts CORES
Classic novelty song involving wing-flapping imitations, as it’s commonly called THECHICKENDANCE
Cold oatmeal cereals MUESLIS
Colonel Sanders trademark GOATEE
Con’s decoy SHILL
Contented rumble PURR
Counterfeit BOGUS
Coupling device YOKE
Course warnings FORES
Cultural opening? AGRI
Dispatch SEND
Dudek of “Mad Men” ANNE
Enrapture ELATE
Equestrian gear HARNESS
Fishing decoy LURE
Fleeting prefix, timewise NANO
Fly like an eagle SOAR
For the most part MAINLY
Fords of the past LTDS
Forest jumpers DEER
Former Maine senator Olympia SNOWE
Former poisoning treatment IPECAC
French folk tune used in basic instrument lessons AUCLAIRDELALUNE
G.I. Joe nemesis COBRA
Geeky-sounding candy NERDS
Get cozy NESTLE
Give (out) METE
Golfer Calvin PEETE
Greyhound crash sites? DOGBEDS
Grumpy mood SNIT
Hawaii County seat HILO
Heart chambers ATRIA
Heston was its pres. from 1998 to 2003 NRA
High-end German appliance brand MIELE
Insurance case CLAIM
Jabber PRATE
Judge’s response OVERRULED
King with a magic touch MIDAS
Kitchenware brand EKCO
Laryngitis docs ENTS
Laugh-a-minute types RIOTS
Leap named for a Swedish skater SALCHOW
Letter-shaped girders IBARS
Like a deformed tree trunk BURLED
Like chalet roofs EAVED
Like highways LANED
Many a binoculars toter BIRDER
Mobile judge, perhaps ARTCRITIC
Most Rwandans HUTUS
Moved slowly INCHED
Muffin topping OLEO
Mythical hero who captured Cerberus HERCULES
Nice summer ETE
Not familiar with NEWAT
Numbers game LOTTO
Obsolescent laptop feature CDDRIVE
Oldies players HIFIS
Origami staple CRANE
Paparazzi quarry CELEB
Parachute lines CORDS
Part of a flower PETAL
Pekoe holder TEACADDY
Polish language EDIT
Post-Manhattan Project org AEC
Power source JUICE
Privilege RIGHT
Professional spinners PRFIRM
Put on quite an act EMOTE
Race of Norse gods AESIR
Reception dispensers URNS
Rival of Bjorn ILIE
River inlets RIAS
Road Runner cartoons landscape feature MESA
Rolltop, for one DESK
Sales rep’s form ORDERBLANK
Samsung product HDTV
Showy parrots MACAWS
Silvery freshwater fish BREAM
Sitting Bull’s people SIOUX
Slogan from a cola jingle first aired in 1969 ITSTHEREALTHING
Small coffee maker output ONECUP
Small decorative case ETUI
Small fry TYKES
Sole source FISHMARKET
Song played at Blues home games MEETMEINSTLOUIS
Sources of shots HYPOS
Split __ HAIRS
Sporty Chevy VETTE
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Start of two U.S. state names NORTH
Start to correct? AUTO
Support, with “for” VOTE
Symbol seen in viola music CCLEF
Symphony orchestra members CELLI
Take responsibility OWNIT
Tech class sites PCLABS
They’re dragged and dropped ICONS
They’re found in veins ORES
This and that BOTH
Three-piece pieces VESTS
Toe the line OBEY
Tot’s wheels TRIKE
Try to find SEEK
UFO pilots ETS
Up and about ASTIR
Winter cause of a roof leak, maybe ICEDAM
__ Cong VIET
__ point FOCAL
__ wave SINE

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