L.A. Times Daily – Aug 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Apollo 13” director Howard RON
“Do you __?” MIND
“Magically delicious” cereal LUCKYCHARMS
“Really? There’s no more?” SOTHATSIT
“You’ve got mail” ISP AOL
“__ Maria” AVE
“__ the Force, Luke” USE
*”Only the Lonely” singer ROYORBISON
*Floral perfume ingredient ROSEOIL
*Playful semiaquatic mammal RIVEROTTER
*Really get down to the music ROCKOUT
*Request with a tight timeline RUSHORDER
*Seafood served on the half shell RAWOYSTER
Animal logo on a Dodge truck RAM
Anticipate AWAIT
Baaing mamas EWES
Baseball Hall of Famer Stengel CASEY
Black as night INKY
Broadcast again REAIR
Campfire residue ASH
Caveat in a text IMO
Cereal coveted by a silly rabbit TRIX
Chiding sounds TSKS
Cold War initials USSR
Cord cutter? AXE
Development sites UTERI
Ed who played Lou Grant ASNER
Egyptian beetle SCARAB
Electric car maker TESLA
Fail to notice MISS
Fine equine STEED
Flower starter BUD
Garlic piece CLOVE
Green shade named for a fruit OLIVE
Greet and seat SEEIN
Has on WEARS
Helps in a heist ABETS
Hotel at JFK named for a defunct airline TWA
Incredible bargain STEAL
Is completely comfortable FEELSATEASE
Kvetching cries OYS
Long-fingered lemurs of Madagascar AYEAYES
Looked over EYED
Mammal with elephant and leopard varieties SEAL
Merit EARN
Miranda of “Homeland” OTTO
Moral lapses SINS
Norwegian city with a Viking Ship Museum OSLO
Ongoing drama SAGA
Parcel of land TRACT
Playfully shy COY
Politely declines, maybe RSVPS
Pop up ARISE
Prefix with athlete TRI
Reason to get all gussied up HOTDATE
Rx writers, often DRS
Sail the seven __ SEAS
Share a bedtime story with READTO
Sounds of revelation AHAS
Spanish verb similar to “estar” SER
Spiteful, as gossip CATTY
Stiffly proper PRIM
Take in or let out ALTER
Terse refusal IWONT
Thompson of “Thor: Love and Thunder” TESSA
Tool set KIT
Total stranger, or a three-word hint to the answers to the starred clues RANDO
Turn sharply VEER
Verdi opera AIDA
Very funny folks RIOTS
Vivacity VERVE
Volunteers in the community one grew up in, say GIVESBACK
Walk like a peacock STRUT
Wily SLY
__ bean FAVA
__-Wan Kenobi OBI

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