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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
“May It Be” co-songwriter ENYA
“Precisely so!” THATITIS
“Shove off!” BEATIT
“Stan Against Evil” airer IFC
*Foundation ingredient of a treat built upward in the answers to starred clues and spelled downward in the circles ICECREAM
*See 64-Across HOTFUDGE
*See 64-Across NUTS
*See 64-Across FRUITSAUCE
7-Up moniker UNCOLA
Able-bodied FIT
Alpine retreat INN
Anka’s “__ Beso” ESO
Beckett’s “Endgame” has one ACT
Big name in moving UHAUL
Bus alternative CAB
Carrie who was a friend of Susan B CATT
Christian official DEACON
Correct, in a way REDO
Country kid? LAMB
Deeply disturbs ROILS
Doodle site SCRATCHPAD
Dr.’s group HMO
Emotional distress AGITA
EMT proficiency CPR
Final, for one EXAM
Formal agreement PACT
Golden State sch. in Davis UCD
Grill remnants ASH
Guitar, slangily AXE
Half a tuba sound PAH
Half of hexa- TRI
Hardly a gulp SIP
High-__ monitor RES
Hiking spot PATH
How farmland is populated SPARSELY
Initials on American vessels USS
Involuntary motions TICS
Jersey casino, with “The” TAJ
Jose’s “other” OTRA
Laundry convenience HAMPER
Like TV’s “Batman” CAMPY
Little bit TAD
Loft bale HAY
Many holiday guests KIN
Narrow inlet RIA
Needle part EYE
Once more ANEW
Open one’s eyes AWAKE
Org. concerned with meth DEA
Org. dealing with brownfields EPA
Part of a foot ARCH
Philadelphia-to-Albany dir NNE
Plot outline SCENARIO
Plotting UPTO
Prove equal (to) RISE
Rap sheet letters AKA
Really enjoyed LAPPEDUP
Rudder-controlled movement YAW
Sci-fi good guys JEDI
Seasonal frontier challenge HARDWINTER
See 56-Down IRAE
SFO info ETA
Shining example GEM
Smartphone call record, say LIST
Spotted SAW
St. Clare’s town ASSISI
Stamp addition? EDE
Strikes lightly, as a window TAPSAT
Suggestion TIP
Summer footwear SANDAL
Take down __ APEG
Take quickly GRAB
Take the top off UNCAP
Tense beginning? PRE
Texter’s sign-off TTYL
TV forensic series CSI
Utterly beyond repair SHOT
Wet-Nap unit PACKET
With 2-Down, Latin hymn DIES
Young one TOT
__-mo SLO