L.A. Times Daily – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Ciao!’ TATA
‘Oh, wow!’ GEEZ
‘Outta this world!’ EPIC
‘Star Trek’ communications officer UHURA
‘The Last Jedi’ heroine REY
Agree to take part OPTIN
Aquafina competitor EVIAN
At a loss for words, and what the starts of 17-, 23-, 38- and 47-Across can literally be? TONGUETIED
Atlantic __, N.J CITY
Aussie pal MATE
Backed, with ‘with’ SIDED
Balkan native SLAV
Beige hue ECRU
Border on ABUT
Buck in a wallet ONE
Burn soother ALOE
Bursting with testosterone MACHO
Complainer’s ‘belly’ ending ACHER
Cybertruck maker TESLA
Displeased looks SCOWLS
Doomed SUNK
Door fastener LATCH
Door-to-door cosmetics seller AVON
Double play pair OUTS
Dove sound COO
Drain swirl EDDY
Drill sergeant’s syllable HUP
Drove (around) TOOLED
First color to move, in chess WHITE
GI truants AWOLS
Greenside shot CHIP
Hershey’s foil-wrapped chocolate treat KISS
Indigenous U.S. people NATIVEAMERICANS
Industry bigwigs CZARS
Initial poker bet ANTE
KGB country USSR
Like fresh chips CRISP
Many a Dickens child WAIF
Mild reprimands WRISTSLAPS
Miso soup cube TOFU
Nation bordering Libya NIGER
Nebraska city OMAHA
Netanyahu’s successor BARAK
New Age Irish singer ENYA
Old iPods NANOS
Old Testament twin ESAU
Once named NEE
Only singer to have a #1 single in six straight decades (1960s-2010s) CHER
PC ‘oops’ key ESC
Perceptive person SHARPCOOKIE
Poke fun at TEASE
Prefix with pod TRI
Previously owned USED
RPM gauge TACH
Sci-fi fleet leader MOTHERSHIP
See 55-Down CRAZY
Sheep bleat BAA
Sigma follower TAU
Skeleton component BONE
Smart speaker brand AMAZONECHO
Spiced tea CHAI
Stadium sounds RAHS
Sweetie pie HON
Texter’s ‘Holy cow!’ OMG
They’re drawn in pubs ALES
Uncontrollable person LOOSECANNON
Verdi classic AIDA
Vicinity AREA
Victor’s shout IWON
Viral online item MEME
Website unit PAGE
Wise, as advice SAGE
With 67-Across, like one who’s been stuck at home for too long, slangily STIR
With room to spare AMPLY
Yacht propeller SAIL
__ Christian Andersen HANS

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