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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 26 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Ars Poetica” poet HORACE
“Atta __!” GIRL
“Golly!” GEE
“Peanuts” word of frustration RATS
“Spring Symphony” composer SCHUMANN
Actress Wallace of “E.T.” DEE
Amt. rarely paid by a car buyer MSRP
Angora goat fabric MOHAIR
Aquarium cutie OTTER
Ark landing site: Abbr MTARARAT
Be released GOFREE
Bedding component SHEET
Big wheel on a ship HELM
Builder who lived to be 950 NOAH
Building emergency exit FIREESCAPE
Came down ALIT
Cartoonist Goldberg RUBE
Central church part NAVE
Connoisseur MAVEN
Contract negotiator AGENT
Controversial crop alteration, for short GMO
Craving URGE
Deep sleep COMA
Didn’t give away KEPT
Elevated dwelling AERIE
Elevator name OTIS
Et __: and others ALIA
Even civil ones aren’t friendly WARS
Finn conveyance RAFT
First chimp in orbit ENOS
Fish with a net TRAWL
Flat-bottomed garbage hauler SCOW
Flu fighters SERA
Forget to include OMIT
From S.F. to Vegas ESE
German gent HERR
Golfer’s “pitching” club WEDGE
Green acres LEA
Grocery shoppers’ aids LISTS
Gymnast’s jumps VAULTS
Half a poverty-to-wealth metaphor RAGS
Heinz Field NFL team STEELERS
Injure badly MAIM
Iron output STEAM
Latvian capital RIGA
Letters at the end of a proof QED
Ltd. relative INC
Math subj CALC
Natural skill TALENT
Only monosyllabic U.S. state MAINE
P&L part LOSS
Palm starch SAGO
Pirouette WHIRL
Prayer opener OGOD
Provide the bank blueprints for, say ABET
Puget Sound, e.g INLET
Refuse to talk, with “up” CLAM
See 24-Down DANCES
Settles CALMS
Severe weather warning STORMALERT
Shows affection, dog-style LICKS
Sibilant “Hey!” PSST
Some nest egg components IRAS
Spanish pronoun ESTA
Sports bureau co-founder Al or Walter ELIAS
Stalin-era prisons GULAGS
Surgical cutter LASER
Takes too much for oneself HOGS
Tease RIB
The “E” in DOE: Abbr ENER
They’re holstered in old Westerns LOADEDGUNS
Time off LEAVE
Too tired to go further OUTOFGAS
Weighty Brit. references OEDS
West Virginia resource COAL
With 31-Down, hoedown activities, and a hint to the circled letters SQUARE