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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
“A Time to Kill” novelist John GRISHAM
“Better in Time” singer Lewis LEONA
“I got this” LETME
“It’s my time to shine!” IMON
“North to the Future” state ALASKA
“Shame on you!” TSK
“You are beyond __!”: “Incredible!” BELIEF
44th president OBAMA
Actor Mahershala of Netflix’s “Luke Cage” ALI
Airport rental CAR
Attila the __ HUN
Avenged a wrong GOTEVEN
B’way show with the song “Valjean’s Confession” LESMIZ
Bad-tempered SURLY
Bard’s “before” ERE
Billy Idol’s “__ Yell” REBEL
Blackjack half ACE
Calf’s suckling spot UDDER
Campaign pros POLS
Canon competitor NIKON
Completely forgot, in slang SPACED
Created, as a web SPUN
Dance moves STEPS
Deadly shark MAKO
Dismissive sound PAH
Early stage of a clinical trial PHASETWO
Easily fooled GULLIBLE
Elaborate dos COIFS
Fancy necktie ASCOT
FedEx Office alternative UPSSTORE
Fedora, e.g HAT
Figure skating leap AXEL
Get rid of SCRAP
Golfer Palmer, to fans ARNIE
Hard-to-fold bed linens FITTEDSHEETS
Hasbro specialty TOYS
Have title to OWN
Herb in Italian seasoning OREGANO
High in calories RICH
Iowa State city AMES
Kitten cry MEWL
Launched at great speed Catapulted
Leg joints KNEES
Lioness of film ELSA
Lively, musically UPTEMPO
Major mess SNAFU
Make changes to AMEND
Mario __: Nintendo racing game series KART
Mexican pyramid builder AZTEC
No. on a grad’s résumé GPA
No. on an IRS form TAXID
Nonsense ROT
Oldies, in their day HITS
Phrase including hand gestures symbolized by the puzzle circles ITWASTHISBIG
Place at the track? FINISHSECOND
Portmanteau brand for flu symptoms COLDEEZE
Ready to bloom INBUD
Recreation in which players become characters, for short RPGS
Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity chain IHOP
Russian ballet company, familiarly THEBOLSHOI
Scholar’s deg PHD
Screwball ZANY
Senior British military rank FIELDMARSHAL
Stuntman Knievel EVEL
Terrible pain AGONY
Truck weight unit TON
Uneducated guess STAB
Unload for cash SELL
Use an abacus ADD
Va. winter hours EST
Word before or after brand NAME
Yale students ELIS
__ Lanka SRI