L.A. Times Daily – Aug 29 2018

Clues Answers
Don’t move! HALT
Gross! UGH
Have a sample TRYONE
My memory fails me IFORGET
The African Queen screenwriter James AGEE
This Is Us Emmy nominee __ Cephas Jones RON
Wicked! RAD
You __!: “Bingo!” BETCHA
__ go time! ITS
__ news? ANY
A dozen ova? XII
Actress Ortiz of “Ugly Betty” ANA
Airline to Oslo SAS
Apartment dweller, typically RENTER
Appear to be SEEM
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Bird on Australian coins EMU
Birth announcement abbr OZS
Birthday card number AGE
Bit of equine trickery GIFTHORSE
Campaigned RAN
Cheat at checkout … and a hint to the circled letters SHORTCHANGE
Clip-on accessories, perhaps TIES
Conquistador’s treasure ORO
Costello’s cohort ABBOTT
Cousin of Gomez Addams ITT
Cul-de-__ SAC
Currency for 19 countries EURO
Defeat soundly CRUSH
Diminutive Jedi master YODA
Directional suffix ERN
Drive back, as attackers FENDOFF
Expression of regret APOLOGY
Fax forerunners TELEXES
Feudal laborer SERF
Florida produce ORANGES
Follow-up vaccination BOOSTERSHOT
Gas in a sign NEON
Helpful courses for underachievers EASYAS
How some scripts are adapted from novels LOOSELY
Humdingers DOOZIES
Inquire ASK
It may say “World’s Okayest Cook” APRON
Justice Samuel ALITO
Kind of illusion OPTICAL
Knitted shoe BOOTEE
Like Ronald McDonald’s sleeves STRIPED
Like the smell of a brewery YEASTY
Lose sleep (over) FRET
Make a comeback RESURGE
Mine, in Montréal AMOI
Montréal mates AMIS
Mozart works SONATAS
New title for Meghan Markle DUCHESS
Operatic voices BASSI
Organic fuel PEAT
Part of Ursa Minor NORTHSTAR
Quaker pronoun THEE
Script deviations ADLIBS
Selected CHOSEN
Semis RIGS
Shade HUE
Shallot, e.g BULB
Shoot the breeze YAK
Software prototype BETA
Stockpiles AMASSES
Sunday best FINERY
Supreme leader? ESS
Tank or tee TOP
They may be precious MOMENTS
Turkey neighbor SYRIA
Watts of “Twin Peaks” NAOMI
Word processing choice FONT
Zodiac sign LEO
__ for help ACRY

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