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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Mi casa es su casa” speaker AMIGO
“Not interested” PASS
“That girl?” HER
“The poetry of reality,” per Richard Dawkins SCIENCE
“Viva __ Vegas” LAS
Actor Daniel __ Kim DAE
Artifacts in ancient tombs COFFINS
Biblical book partly by King David PSALMS
Chorus of agreement AMENS
Close parentheses, at times SMILES
Come into flower BLOSSOM
Court setting BAIL
Court stat REB
Director of a Batman film trilogy NOLAN
End of Oktober? FEST
Entertain AMUSE
FaceTime tablet IPAD
Fashion designer Gucci ALDO
Female koala DOE
Forum robe TOGA
Gave a dirty look POLLUTED
Genesis twin ESAU
Hanukkah moolah GELT
Helped out of a funk CHEEREDUP
Hence, in logic ERGO
High-stakes gamble, and how the answers with circles can be read DOUBLEORNOTHING
Informal “You’re oversharing” TMI
Instrument that never needs tuning? AIRGUITAR
Jazz great Earl “__” Hines FATHA
Jeans patch site KNEE
Little nails BRADS
Loaded RICH
Many Sharon Olds poems ODES
Memorial bios OBITS
Menu option SAVE
Night sch. student’s goal GED
Not shady LEGIT
Old Rom. ruler EMP
Only U.S. president born in Hawaii OBAMA
Ore deposit LODE
Part of the stock market cycle BOTTOM
Patisserie array DESSERTS
Pentagon measure AREA
Peony support STAKE
Photo app filter shade SEPIA
Pitfall! platform ATARI
Pitiful SAD
Protective lymphocyte TCELL
Quaint cry EGAD
Rigid marching style LOCKSTEP
Root beer brand since 1937 DADS
Scrapbook contents EPHEMERA
Shoebox project DIORAMA
Shop clamp VISE
Sighed words OHME
Singer Clarkson KELLY
Site of many errant apostrophes ITS
Some whiskeys RYES
Sought office RAN
Store with SmŒland play areas IKEA
Stream BROOK
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Thrift shop transaction RESALE
Top score on some reviews TEN
Vacated LEFT
Water, facetiously ADAMSALE
Way up or way down STAIR
Well-financed gp.? OPEC
Went out, as a bulb DIMMED
What lovers have FEELINGS
WNBA great Taurasi with five Olympic gold medals DIANA
Woman of mystery AGATHA
__ buco OSSO
__ Lanka SRI