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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“I Know This Much Is True” author Wally LAMB
“Killing __”: BBC America drama EVE
“Lone Survivor” actor Hirsch EMILE
“S.W.A.T.” home CBS
“__ the Woods”: Sondheim musical INTO
1994 sci-fi memoir IASIMOV
98th-percentile group MENSA
Algerian port ORAN
Alternate job title for a chiropractor? DISCJOCKEY
Alternate job title for a file clerk? MANICURIST
Alternate job title for a librarian? LOANOFFICER
Alternate job title for a locksmith? HAIRDRESSER
Apple music holder IPOD
Assorted mockery JABS
Bygone GM line OLDS
Captures BAGS
Chases off SHOOS
Chicago exchange, briefly, with “the” MERC
Combined MELDED
Comfy and cozy HOMEY
Condition STATE
Cut with a beam LASE
Dining review site YELP
Dutch cheese EDAM
Egg cells OVA
Eucalyptus eater KOALA
Fine spray MIST
Flounder’s best friend, in Disney ARIEL
Garb often shortened to three letters PAJAMAS
Google competitor BING
It has hammers and keys PIANO
It may be glazed HAM
It’s often checked by surfers EMAIL
James’ creator IAN
Java neighbor BALI
Jobs in high-tech STEVE
Layer TIER
Least civil RUDEST
Little rascal IMP
Low-level workers GOFERS
Machiavelli’s “Dell’__ della guerra” ARTE
Marine explorer’s aid SNORKEL
Maze runner LABRAT
Microwaves ZAPS
Nutritional abbr RDA
Pet pros VETS
Played (with) TOYED
Poet during Augustus’ reign OVID
Portent OMEN
Present, e.g TENSE
Puccini piece ARIA
Purges (of) RIDS
Roman aqueduct section ARCH
Rosters LISTS
Rural landscape standout SILO
Rx specs DOSES
Short-order tool SPATULA
Signed INKED
Skater Midori ITO
Skirt length MAXI
Slowpoke SNAIL
Small jewelry item STUD
Standoffish ALOOF
Sum up RECAP
Sunspot center UMBRA
Theater sign EXIT
Trattoria choice ZITI
Type of rug AREA
Uncle Sam feature GOATEE
Unoriginal BANAL
Washed (down) HOSED
Workshop debris SAWDUST
Yield CAVE
__ Bible HEBREW
__ drop MIC