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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 6 2018

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Clues Answers
“2001” computer HAL
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” king OBERON
“Anything __?”: “Is there more?” ELSE
“Othello” villain IAGO
“The Thin Man” dog ASTA
“__ been thinking” IVE
“__ help it” ICANT
*Distinctive Jay Leno facial feature JAWLINE
*Program for an idle monitor SCREENSAVER
*Squeaky-clean SPICKANDSPAN
Act out, as a Civil War battle RECREATE
Aired, as a TV program WASON
Awesome, in show biz BOFFO
Benefit AVAIL
Bic, for one PEN
Bird associated with spring ROBIN
Bone tissue MARROW
Breakfast nook, e.g DINETTE
Buffalo NHLer SABRE
Candy heart verb LUV
Chad neighbor CAMEROON
Clarifying words ASIN
Dangle HANG
Dorian Gray creator Oscar WILDE
Dr. of rap DRE
Drops the ball ERRS
Eisenhower opponent Stevenson ADLAI
Entre __: between us NOUS
Fall behind LAG
Female foxes VIXENS
Game with Skip cards UNO
Gardener’s concerns WEEDS
Has an __ to the ground EAR
Humane org SPCA
Illness with its own season FLU
In addition ALSO
Killer whale ORCA
Clues Answers
Knitter’s ball YARN
Large, at Starbucks VENTI
Like wine casks OAKEN
Mai __ TAI
Michael of “SNL” CHE
Miffed, with “off” TEED
Mild Dutch cheese GOUDA
Mouthed the words LIPSYNCHED
Not look forward to at all DREAD
Olympian Bolt USAIN
Pasta in vodka sauce PENNE
Pay to play ANTE
Pear from France BOSC
Photo finish SEPIA
Playful swimming mammal OTTER
Playpen item TOY
Prefix with friendly ECO
Pulls a scam on FLEECES
Quarters for lions DENS
Rowing needs OARS
Significant other, often, and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues LIFEPARTNER
Snacked ATE
Splash gently, as waves LAP
Sports ball brand VOIT
Suddenly took notice SATUP
Suitor SWAIN
Superman super power XRAYVISION
Supermarket initials IGA
Tiny bit SMIDGE
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Trash JUNK
Unfavorable critique PAN
Upscale Honda ACURA
Vehicle that taxis PLANE
Wedding vow words IDO
Word before hand or land FARM
__ Baba ALI
__-Ball: arcade game SKEE