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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 7 2018

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Clues Answers
“Bel Canto” novelist Patchett ANN
“That sounds painful” OOF
“That sounds painful” OUCH
“The jig __!” ISUP
28-Across, in German EINS
Action film weapon UZI
Actor’s part ROLE
All-encompassing ATOZ
Antiterrorism legislation of 2001 PATRIOTACT
Approximate fig EST
Beer-brewing mixture MASH
Big Apple 52-Acr. player NYMET
Blasting letters TNT
Body structure PHYSIQUE
Bridges of Netflix’s “Bloodline” BEAU
Bring comfort to CONSOLE
Brussels-based defense gp NATO
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Celebrated chef Ducasse ALAIN
Clear data from ERASE
Clog front TOE
Coins of 59-Down RIALS
Collie’s comment ARF
Colony insect ANT
Composite dental filling material AMALGAM
Dinner course, to Heinrich SALAT
Double-helix molecule DNA
Emails a dupe to CCS
Equal or Splenda SWEETENER
Falafel bread PITA
First word of numerous Grisham titles THE
Flavored icy drink SLUSHIE
Frank of avant-garde rock ZAPPA
German veal dish SCHNITZEL
Hardly current PASSE
Intuit FEEL
Italian pal PAISANO
Jack-in-the-box sound POP
Knock for a loop AMAZE
Clues Answers
Letter after pi RHO
Like a damaged atmospheric layer OZONIC
Limerick’s rhyme scheme AABBA
Little devil IMP
Little League broadcaster ESPN
Low-cal beers LITES
Magazine with the column “Ask E. Jean” ELLE
Md. neighbor DEL
Mop & __: cleaning brand GLO
Narrate TELL
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Newspaper frequency DAILY
Nightlife sphere of activity CLUBSCENE
Oak-to-be ACORN
Often hyperlinked word HERE
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Race terminus FINISHLINE
Rare baseball event TRIPLEPLAY
Recede, as a tide EBB
Singer Rawls LOU
Single ONE
Slake, as thirst QUENCH
Smear, as paint DAUB
Snob’s “in the air” body part NOSE
Supermarket walkways AISLES
Syr. neighbor ISR
Takes to the skies AVIATES
Taper off WANE
Tehran’s land IRAN
Tennis great Navratilova MARTINA
Theater direction … and a hint to 17-, 24-, 37- and 53-Across STAGERIGHT
Tilted type: Abbr ITALS
Troubling Nixon records TAPES
Video game letters NES
Wing measurement SPAN
World Series org MLB