L.A. Times Daily – Aug 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Anyone else around?” AREWEALONE
“At Last” singer James ETTA
“Barefoot Contessa” host Garten INA
“Don’t let those people escape!” GETEM
“Fantastique!” TRESBIEN
“Hey-o!” HOLLA
“It makes sense now” ISEE
“Lucifer” actress Helfer TRICIA
“Mice love it to death” brand DCON
“Rosanna” band TOTO
“SNL” alum Gasteyer ANA
“Word on the street is … “ IHEARD
38-Down offspring CALF
Accolades HONORS
Actress Fisher who writes the “Marge in Charge” kids’ books ISLA
Angioplasty implants STENTS
Annual gala held on April 15? INCOMETAXFORMAL
Apple gadgets CORERS
Apple that comes in seven colors IMAC
Apt name for a lawn care expert MOE
ATM codes PINS
Bandleader Puente TITO
Banner __ YEAR
Become unsafe to eat ROT
Bedrock pet DINO
Beehive oven input COAL
Bilingual cartoon explorer DORA
Blast that may invert an umbrella GUST
Book of Shadows readers WICCANS
Cast a ballot VOTE
Catch SNAG
Chatter YAK
Christopher of “Superman” REEVE
Church supporters? PEWS
Clay creature of Jewish folklore GOLEM
CNN’s “This Is Life With Lisa __” LING
Commotion STIR
Courtroom entry PLEA
Criticism FLAK
Deliberate CONFER
Dull, in a way MATTE
Durable watches TIMEXES
Enjoy a long career as a telegraph operator? SIGNALONESLIFEAWAY
Enlightened sounds AHAS
Enticing smell AROMA
Entire range GAMUT
Extremely harsh bubbly? BIUTALCHAMPAGNE
Far from daring TAME
Futbol cheer OLE
Fend (off) STAVE
First, second, or third place BASE
Float on the breeze WAFT
Flower holder STEM
Fluid transitions SEGUES
For this reason HENCE
Genesis brother ABEL
Giveaway at the poker table TELL
Golf course rentals CARTS
Gossipy sort YENTA
Graffiti tag seen in Springfield ELBARTO
Handle letters? AKA
Hidden mic WIRE
Hollandaise, e.g SAUCE
Hollywood crosser VINE
Income from Birkenstock investments? SANDALDOLLARS
Intimate __ APPAREL
Iowa wrestling legend Dan GABLE
Italian fashion giant ARMANI
Italian wine region ASTI
Item often adorned with feathers BOA
Item often adorned with feathers LURE
Kick off START
Laundry basket measure LOAD
Left dreamland WOKE
Leftovers dish HASH
Like some pants BAGGY
Loud slap SMACK
Louisville Slugger wood ASH
Makes less strict EASES
Marmalade chunk RIND
Mars counterpart ARES
Mascot Hall of Fame inductee from Queens MRMET
Maui neighbor LANAI
Minute Maid brand HIC
Misplace LOSE
Mostly removable roof TTOP
Muppet host of “The Not-Too-Late Show” ELMO
Mythical hunter ORION
Nanny __ GOAT
Non-clerical LAIC
Nonetheless YET
On edge TENSE
On the fence NOTSURE
Painting that reportedly has its own Louvre mailbox MONALISA
Place for a stud LOBE
Places to feel kneaded? SPAS
Porpoise kin ORCA
Put on a coat PAINT
Raise IEAR
Ravines GORGES
Rhône city LYON
Ride proudly PIANCE
Roster submitted to an umpire LINEUP
Salsa option MILD
Salsa, for one LATINDANCE
Sandra’s “Speed” co-star KEANU
Scarf (down) WOLF
See 79-Down VASE
Shady place ARBOR
Soft “Hey, you!” PSST
South Dakota’s state animal COYOTE
Special ops acronym SEAL
Sprain soother ICE
Stressful spot HOTSEAT
Sunlamp danger, briefly UVIAY
Target Field player TWIN
Tarnish MAR
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
To catch some rays or to sleep every day until noon, e.g.? GOALONVACATION
To no __: fruitlessly AVAIL
To the __ degree NTH
Toward the center INWARD
Toy on display, say SHOWDOG
Triumphed WON
Trying a new brand of ointment? CHANGINGTHETOPICAL
Turnips and parsnips IOOTS
Umami source, briefly MSG
Utterly unskilled INEPT
Weight HEFT
Willing partner ABLE
With 63-Down, priceless porcelain piece MING
Within reach ATHAND
Yukon automaker GMC
__ acid AMINO
__ Antonio SAN
__ contact EYE
__ deco AIT
__ noire BETE
__ pool TIDAL
__ shot SLING

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