L.A. Times Daily – Aug 9 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Little ol’ me?’ MOI
‘Oh, now __ it!’ IGET
*Comics Great Dane MARMADUKE
*Contest won by the last fighter standing BATTLEROYALE
*Physical ability acquired via repetition MUSCLEMEMORY
*Where many hockey face-offs happen CENTERICE
4-Across holder JAW
Actress Berry of ‘X-Men’ films HALLE
Amtrak express ACELA
Animal name starting with a double letter LLAMA
Athletic stereotype JOCK
Attention from Dr. Mom TLC
Attracted LURED
Audition (for) READ
Authentic ending? ITY
Birthday process LABOR
Blog feed letters RSS
Brexit target org THEEU
British zoo opening? ZED
Cab cousin ZIN
Call to mind EVOKE
Canal site EAR
Chewing need TEETH
Comes (from) STEMS
Deceiving LYINGTO
Depend (on) RELY
Does’ mates STAGS
Easy putt TAPIN
Ethically uncertain GRAY
Flat hat TAM
Fly sound BUZZ
Food court attractions AROMAS
Former Iranian leader SHAH
Friend ALLY
Garment with spaghetti straps, for short CAMI
Geometry basic AXIOM
H.S. health course SEXED
Hawaii or Alaska STATE
Hockey’s ‘sin bin,’ formally PENALTYBOX
Inventor Whitney ELI
Japanese veggie UDO
Journalist Couric KATIE
Just make, with ‘out’ EKE
Kind of acid in proteins AMINO
Lee known for desserts SARA
Lighthearted laugh HEEHEE
Lotion ingredient MINERALOIL
Malek of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ RAMI
Mantra syllables OMS
Mardi __ GRAS
Nibbles BITES
Old photo tint SEPIA
Oral health org ADA
Paris’ __ de la Cité ILE
Peninsular Persian Gulf land QATAR
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir ENE
President after Grant HAYES
Proof-ending letters QED
Ready to harvest RIPE
Region AREA
River through Rome TIBER
Rm. coolers ACS
Rock in a vein ORE
Speed ratio MACH
Spicy HOT
Tear RIP
Tulsa native, e.g OKIE
TV pilot, often EPISODEONE
Umps’ counterparts REFS
Where one might learn etiquette … or a hint to the answers to starred clues FINISHINGSCHOOL
Wood-splitting tool AXE
Word with capsule or clock TIME
Work with a needle SEW
__ owl SNOWY

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