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L.A. Times Daily – Dec 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“… and your little dog, too!” dog TOTO
“I’m with you” METOO
“Mandatory Fun” parodist, familiarly WEIRDAL
“Mr. Blue Sky” band ELO
“On the Bus With Rosa Parks” poet Dove RITA
“Scarface” setting MIAMI
“Such a pity” SOSAD
“The Black Cat” author POE
“The Thin Blue Line” director Morris ERROL
“Three Coins …” fountain TREVI
“Uh-uh!” IWONT
“Wish Tree” artist ONO
“Ya think?” NODUH
’60s-’70s veep AGNEW
*Bending over backward, say ANXIOUSTOPLEASE
*Chances that slipped away LOSTOPPORTUNITIES
*Former Chilean dictator AUGUSTOPINOCHET
*Often the best choice, in retrospect FIRSTOPTION
*Ristorante appetizers ANTIPASTOPLATTERS
2008 TARP beneficiary AIG
Actress Gilbert SARA
Autobahn winter hazard EIS
Baking amts TSPS
Bet money an “all in” player can’t win SIDEPOT
Biblical builder NOAH
Big bargain STEAL
Bigelow alternative TETLEY
Bird hangout NEST
Bonkers LOONY
Boot the ball ERR
Bowling pin wood MAPLE
Bring down LOWER
Butterfingered INEPT
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Catcher’s place HOME
Classic grape sodas NEHIS
Court dividers NETS
Divide fairly PRORATE
Dove’s digs COTE
Earthshaking event SEISM
Editor’s retraction STET
Emergency menu HELP
First name in exploration AMERIGO
Flake or Duckworth: Abbr SEN
Four: Prefix TETR
Fruit-flavored frozen treat OTTERPOP
Fulda tributary EDER
Gate datum: Abbr ETD
Gets ready PREPS
Giant among low-cost carriers: Abbr SWA
Gin flavor SLOE
Gives someone a hand CLAPS
Good times UPS
Graphic top TEE
Griller’s flipper SPATULA
Hearing range EARSHOT
Hearty pastry MEATPIE
Hornets, e.g WASPS
Jackson 5 member TITO
Just __ bit AWEE
Kings Peak state UTAH
Lady on stage GAGA
Lead-in to girl or boy ATTA
Leaning type: Abbr ITAL
Like a typical O. Henry story IRONIC
Like comfy slippers SOFT
Links hero, familiarly ARNIE
Loafer’s quality INERTIA
Lombardy’s capital MILAN
Long story SAGA
Luau souvenirs LEIS
Make an ad spicier, say SEXITUP
Man with a code MORSE
Masters Tournament weekend groupings TWOSOMES
Medicare prescription drug section PARTD
Menial laborer PEON
Mexican month ENERO
Much of Eastern Eur., once SSRS
Nagano-based printer giant EPSON
Nicholas, for one TSAR
Non-neutral atom ION
Noteworthy stretches ERAS
One of the original Warner Bros SAM
One often includes a colon EMOTICON
Opposite of exo- ENTO
Overhead rumblers ELS
Packed away EATEN
Place on a pedestal ADORE
Place to tie up PIER
Platform site: Abbr STN
PlayStation handheld game VITA
Poker great Ungar STU
Princess Charlotte, to Harry NIECE
Pronoun for a princess SHE
Provide fake cover for, e.g ABET
Punch deliverer FIST
Qtr.-ending month SEP
Raid targets PESTS
Ramallah-based org PLO
Reason to challenge an out call LATETAG
Red or army follower ANT
Romance novelist Hilderbrand ELIN
Salinger character who says to the story narrator, “I don’t think I shall tell you my full name” ESME
Sherpa, usually NEPALI
Shower unit? RAINDROP
Showy wrap BOA
Sleeper agent MOLE
Slights SNUBS
Slip past ELUDE
Sports radio host Patrick DAN
Sporty car roof TTOP
Stage coach Hagen UTA
Surreal ending? IST
Take no side ABSTAIN
Tended tots SAT
Texas MLBer STRO
They can yield immediate results SPOTTESTS
Think tank nuggets IDEAS
Those, in Tabasco ESOS
Tibetan monks LAMAS
To be, to BenoƮt ETRE
Tough’s territory TURF
Trash RUIN
Tricky bit GAG
Tuckered out SPENT
Twangy-sounding NASAL
Twitter forwards, on Twitter RTS
Type of jam in Sacher tortes APRICOT
Type of well ARTESIAN
Unwelcome giveaways SPOILERS
Venomous vipers ASPS
Visit briefly … and a hint to the answers to starred clues STOPIN
Way to go: Abbr DIR
Windows forerunner MSDOS
__ Blue: old laundry soap RINSO
__ song FORA
__ voce: softly SOTTO