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L.A. Times Daily – Dec 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“Criminal Minds” agent FED
“I’m Free” musical TOMMY
“Let’s put smart to work” company IBM
“Me? Never!” NOTI
“You said it” AMEN
Acted badly SINNED
Ball State University city MUNCIE
Big Pharma watchdog: Abbr FDA
Black-and-white bears PANDAS
Brought to ruin DIDIN
Buffoon OAF
Called forth EVOKED
Camden Yards team ORIOLES
Certifying exams BOARDS
Chilly temps TEENS
Conniving carrot cruncher BUGS
Creative spark IDEA
Dedicated DC damsel LOIS
DFW postings ETDS
Digital video files MPEGS
Dots on a transit map STOPS
Downhill racer SLED
Element of change? COIN
Fantastic Four foe DOCTOR
Fit together, as matryoshka dolls NEST
Flirty Fleischer flapper BETTY
Florida State athlete SEMINOLE
Fret (over) AGONIZE
Ghastly gargantuan gorilla KING
Horse relatives ASSES
Indy brand STP
It may be brown or golden ALE
Last word of “Casey at the Bat” OUT
Leisurely pace TROT
Like a short report ONEPAGE
Like the most rarefied air THINNEST
Long look GAZE
Majestic REGAL
Millay’s muse ERATO
Music halls of old ODEA
Narrow inlet RIA
NFC East team, on crawl lines NYG
Number between I and XI? XII
Objectives ENDS
One side in “Gone With the Wind”: Abbr CSA
Peaceful IRENIC
Pop genre? COLA
Popular peck picker PETER
Portal GATE
Pre-revelry nights EVES
Queens tennis stadium ASHE
Safety device NET
Scenic viewpoint OVERLOOK
Seafood delicacy ROE
Self-disqualification RECUSAL
Sinister “Smallville” supervillain LEX
Small type size AGATE
Soft call PSST
Sticky situation MESS
Tall toon toothpick OLIVE
Teller’s stack TENS
Transitory things EPHEMERA
What may be resorted to when words fail USINGFORCE
White House foreign policy gp NSC
Wine opener? OENO
Wire service initials UPI
Word of dissent NAY
Writer Sarah __ Jewett ORNE
__ school PREP