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L.A. Times Daily – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t think so’ UHUH
‘How Do I Live’ singer RIMES
‘Too good not to share’ breakfast brand EGGO
‘Unbelievable!’ ITCANTBE
‘What terrible news!’ GODNO
Actor Thicke on Canada’s Walk of Fame ALAN
Atlanta campus EMORY
Avails oneself of USES
Big box office success, slangily BOFF
Big name in little bricks LEGO
Binary pronoun HESHE
Caesar’s fault CULPA
Cheese served with kalamata olives FETA
Chicago’s ‘North Siders’ CUBS
Coined word? UNUM
Cold reaction BRR
Does sum work ADDS
Dreamt, perchance SLEPT
Drupe remains PITS
Ellington classic SATINDOLL
Energize AMP
Event with a horse VAULT
Famille members FRERES
Hardly turning oneself in FLEEING
Hathaway of ‘Rachel Getting Married’ ANNE
Hebrew wishing well? SHALOM
Hilly terrain features RIDGES
Irish pub pie PASTY
Like 22-Down, according to a song by John Denver (born 12/31/1943) ALMOSTHEAVEN
Like the 1998 Pikachu Illustrator card RARE
Limited state FINITUDE
Marion’s conclusion ETTE
Math points LOCI
Monument Valley features MESAS
More than dream ASPIRE
Mountain near Pelion OSSA
Much cashless commerce ETAIL
Negotiation-ending words FAIRENOUGH
News article intro LEDE
Not likely SLIM
Old duple-time dances PAVANES
One of a Biblical 150 PSALM
Pan name TFAL
PC scroll key PGUP
Permit ALLOW
Polished URBANE
Polyamorous anime subgenre HAREM
Provocative little ones IMPS
Rental brand with a hyphen UHAUL
Retreat LAIR
Roman septet HILLS
Seaside soarer GULL
Shrimper’s catcher TRAWLNET
Some religious sculptures PIETAS
Source of fizz SODA
Starfleet Acad. grad at the helm LTSULU
Stock up time? BULLMARKET
Symbol of might OAKTREE
Take third SHOW
Ursula K. Le Guin’s genre SCIFI
Whence milk UDDER
Willing offer ILLGO
Woman in the picture ACTRESS
Wrath IRE
Zero chance NOTAHOPE
__ bean SNAP
__ hack LIFE
__ land LALA
__ Speedwagon REO