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L.A. Times Daily – February 12 2019

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Clues Answers
‘If I Had a Hammer’ singer Lopez TRINI
‘Take __ at this!’ ALOOK
‘__ is me!’ WOE
‘__ it?’: ‘Comprende?’ GET
100-mile-an-hour fastball, often STRIKEOUTPITCH
22.5 deg NNE
Admission of fault OOPS
Apple since 1998 IMAC
Avocado shape OVAL
Back up a step, as in an app UNDO
Bakery product ROLL
Basic food preservative SALT
Belle’s counterpart BEAU
Bike storage bags, e.g STRAPONPOUCHES
Cake finisher ICER
Cameroon neighbor GABON
Canapé spread PATE
Classy neckwear STRINGOFPEARLS
Crafted, as a tale WOVE
Cries out loud SOBS
Dressed like a chef APRONED
Duck that lends its name to a color TEAL
Embarrassing spots ACNE
Enjoys Breckenridge, say SKIS
Express line unit ITEM
Farm moms COWS
Fiddling emperor NERO
For all to hear ALOUD
Geometry calculation AREA
Get to the point? TAPER
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Good feature ASSET
Head of Haiti TETE
Herbal brew REDTEA
Ho-hum SOSO
In the past ONCE
Jacket material TWEED
Keep for later SAVE
Launch, as a new product UNVEIL
Layered Nabisco treat OREO
Less clumsy ABLER
Made public AIRED
Many a clan member SCOT
Metered work, usually POEM
Middle Corleone brother FREDO
Morales of ‘NYPD Blue’ ESAI
Part-time players SEMIPROS
Partner of to FRO
Pay by mail REMIT
Pick up gradually GLEAN
Prepare for a bodybuilding competition OILUP
Rich ore deposits LODES
Salon procedure RINSE
San __, Italy REMO
Say with certainty AVER
School research assignment PAPER
Side with a sandwich SLAW
Signals the arrival of, as a new era USHERSIN
Slap the puck toward the goal SHOOT
Soaks (up) SOPS
Songwriter Kristofferson KRIS
Soon to happen NIGH
Stein filler ALE
Suffix with urban ITE
Summer Games org IOC
Total confusion CHAOS
Typical chalet AFRAME
Vent opening? PRE
Vessel with a spout EWER
Was behind in the match TRAILED
What a plus sign indicates on a golf match scoreboard STROKESOVERPAR
Wonderland cake message EATME
Wood imperfection KNOT
Word from the wise ADAGE