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L.A. Times Daily – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
‘A Lesson From __’: Fugard play ALOES
‘Atlantic City’ director Louis MALLE
‘Frozen’ princess ELSA
‘There’s many __ ‘twixt the cup and the lip’: old proverb ASLIP
49-Down remnant ASH
About one-third of Earth’s land area ASIA
Acid __ TEST
Actress Helgenberger MARG
Addams cousin ITT
Angels Landing’s national park ZION
Athletic org. founded by Billie Jean King WTA
Big name in auto racing ANDRETTI
Case, for example: Abbr SYN
Case, often DOZEN
Chicago mayor since 2011 EMANUEL
Craigslist caveat ASIS
Dip with a kick SALSA
Directed RAN
Electronic music effect WAWA
Ends prematurely ABORTS
Eventual 5-Down EMBER
Expos, now NATS
Fiscal exec CFO
Ford Field team LIONS
Founded BASED
Grade describing the four longest puzzle answers? CPLUS
Grandson of 33-Down exiles ENOS
Half of D CCL
Hanoi holiday TET
Helper AIDE
Highest NTH
Holding-on period? SEC
Hudson Riv. engineering school RPI
It’s not an equine SEAHORSE
Jackson of country ALAN
Jalopy that still works? GOINGCRATE
Labor TOIL
Latin I verb ESSE
Like some posters STENCILED
Marsh plant REED
Marsh plants SEDGES
Matching SAME
Mike Trout’s team, on scoreboards LAA
Monopoly pieces DICE
Montgomery-to-Macon dir ENE
More than a little silly LOONY
Musical narrated by Che EVITA
Nation borders? ENS
Nitwit IDIOT
Notions case ETUI
Old PC monitor CRT
Outcome ENDING
Paradise EDEN
Pay dirt LODE
Permissible LICIT
Radar readout feature BLIP
Removes from the exchange DELISTS
Rhythmic cadence LILT
Rough material TWEED
Salon offering PEDI
Sloth and the like SINS
Slyly disparaging SNIDE
Social media buzz about Alfred E. Neuman? MADCHATTER
Soothing application TALC
Swedish auto SAAB
Taking more time, probably, as a test HARDER
Tie feature KNOT
Tracy Marrow’s stage name ICET
Trapper’s collection PELTS
Trifling amount SOU
Trysting place? CHEATINGPAD
Vegan regimen for a willowy look? CATKINSDIET
Video segment CLIP
Windows competitor IOS