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L.A. Times Daily – February 7 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Have some’ EAT
‘Wealth of Nations’ author Smith ADAM
‘Who __ knows?’ ELSE
‘__ move’ YOUR
‘__ Persisted’: children’s book about inspirational women SHE
Andean tuber OCA
Ankle pic TAT
Asmara’s nation ERITREA
B’way hit signs SROS
Birdie topper EAGLE
Bit of folklore TALE
Boatloads ALOT
Bodega miss SENORITA
Brit’s facilities LAV
Bro or sis SIB
Brownish gray TAUPE
Bud on a spud EYE
Canaanite deity BAAL
Carnival attractions RIDES
Correspondence sign-off BEST
Costa del __ SOL
Data unit BYTE
Decides not to dele STETS
Dispatched, as a dragon SLAIN
Dries gently BLOTS
Eastern ‘way’ TAO
Exceedingly EVERSO
Food in a hall MESS
French menu word JUS
Gratified FED
Half a cocktail TAI
Handler of ‘Sex and the City’ EVAN
Handmade blade SHIV
Jagged, as a leaf’s edge EROSE
Lang. of the Torah HEB
Lie next to ABUT
Low-alcohol beverage NEARBEER
Mature ‘Agnus Dei’ translation? SHEEPOFGOD
Mature gentle treatment? GOATGLOVES
Mature news newbie? BEARREPORTER
Mature sprightly piano classic? CATONTHEKEYS
Mature young infatuation? DOGLOVE
Mouselike animal VOLE
Musical series set at McKinley High GLEE
Musician’s forte? LOUD
NBC show since 1975 SNL
News letters UPI
Notable Ford of the ’70s GERALD
On the line ATSTAKE
Pit-digging insect ANTLION
Place for a chemical peel SPA
Poetic sphere ORB
Political initials since 1884 GOP
Portend BODE
Pot for paella OLLA
Rental ad abbr RMS
Rich rocks ORES
Roe-producing fish SHAD
Run secretly to the chapel ELOPE
Salty margarita glass spots RIMS
Scandinavian literary work EDDA
Second-oldest Ivy YALE
Singer Grande’s perfume brand ARI
Snaky curve ESS
Speaks up? PRAYS
Stunt performer, say DAREDEVIL
Taking a sick day, presumably ILL
Trivial, as talk IDLE
Versailles ruler ROI
Wedding couple? DEES
Word with offering or officer PEACE
__ minérale: French spring supply EAU