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L.A. Times Daily – February 8 2019

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Clues Answers
“Othello” role IAGO
“There, there,” e.g SOLACE
“__ is the winter of our discontent”: Shak NOW
1974 CIA spoof SPYS
A, in Aachen EIN
Aptly, it rhymes with “spa” AAH
Architect’s addition ANNEX
Award using spelled-out initials OBIE
Ballet composer Delibes LEO
Band of Tokyo? OBI
Barely makes it EKESBY
Basket border RIM
Big period EPOCH
Boxing academy? FIGHTSCHOOL
Bright SMART
Calder Cup org AHL
Call back? ECHO
CNN correspondent Hill ERICA
Coke or Pepsi BRAND
College admissions fig GPA
Colorful bird MACAW
Cousin of org COM
Covert maritime gp ONI
Cred. union offerings CDS
Discharge EGEST
Discounted combo PACKAGEDEAL
Document with bullets LIST
Early civil rights activist __ B. Wells IDA
Eighteen-wheelers RIGS
Field supervisor COACH
Hall of fame ARSENIO
Handle preceder AKA
Have __ for AYEN
Hindu mystics YOGIS
Home of the 2001 World Series champs, on scoreboards ARI
Iberian river EBRO
Literal and figurative hint to four puzzle answers MISSINGLINK
Literary alliance? WRITERSBLOC
Lived WAS
Loud noises BAMS
Luau ring LEI
Mag mogul HEF
Metallic waste SLAG
Musical collaboration instruction ADUE
One at the top of the order ABBESS
Only deaf performer to win an Oscar MATLIN
Optimist’s hopeful list? GREATPLANS
Pamphlet ending EER
Plays ball AGREES
Poe genre MACABRE
Prefix with conscious ECO
Puerto Rico, e.g.: Abbr TERR
Recipient of a New Testament epistle attributed to Saint Paul EPHESIAN
Scorned lover of Jason MEDEA
Senate staffers AIDES
Souvenirs TOKENS
Start to manage? MICRO
Summer refresher ICEWATER
Supermarket chain IGA
Sword-and-sandal feature, e.g EPIC
Title servant in a 1946 Paulette Goddard film CHAMBERMAID
Tuck away STASH
Turkish title AGA
TV trailblazer RCA
Vast expanse SEA
Waikiki, to surfers MECCA
Wednesday, to be exact MIDWEEK
Whirling INASPIN
Wild party in Dallas? TEXASRAGER
Without SANS
Young Darth’s nickname ANI
Yukon supplier GMC
__ pants HAREM
__-wop DOO