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L.A. Times Daily – January 10 2019

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Clues Answers
’70s-’90s Pontiacs SUNBIRDS
‘A Little Nightmare Music’ composer P.D.Q. __ BACH
‘Bus Stop’ dramatist INGE
‘Do I __ eat a peach?’: Eliot DARETO
‘Groundhog Day’ director Harold RAMIS
‘Hasta maƱana’ ADIOS
‘Kidding!’ NOT
‘The Beat with Ari Melber’ network MSNBC
‘The Hunger Games’ president Coriolanus __ SNOW
58-Across type meaning ‘black dragon’ OOLONG
8 Series automaker BMW
Anxiety UNEASE
Avant-garde sorts NEOS
Blackthorn plum SLOE
Bloemfontein’s land: Abbr RSA
Boomer’s kid XER
British courtroom fixture WITNESSBOX
Busy airport HUB
Canadian coin LOONIE
Chicken SCARED
Comics possum POGO
Common campaign promise, and what four black squares in this puzzle create TAXBREAK
Cupid cohort COMET
Dinner table boors REACHERS
Disgraced SHAMED
Disney’s Montana HANNAH
Durham sch UNH
Eagerly accept LEAPAT
Filmmaker with a unique style AUTEUR
First word in titles by Arthur Miller and Agatha Christie DEATH
Flaps ADOS
Flutist Herbie MANN
Frowny-faced SAD
Go sour TURN
Hallowed BLEST
Hamburger’s home HAUS
Hand-dyed with wax BATIKED
Hiddleston who plays Loki in Marvel films TOM
Hot under the collar IRATE
In vogue CHIC
Ipanema greeting OLA
Kiosk with a camera PHOTOBOOTH
Lamb’s lament BLEAT
Lowbrow stuff KITSCH
Mac platform OSX
Mary-Kate, Ashley and Elizabeth OLSENS
Mid-Mar. honoree STPAT
Miracle-__ GRO
Not as current OLDER
Online shopping units ORDERS
Person-to-person ONEONONE
Pinch pennies SCRIMP
Place to put on a suit CABANA
Power unit WATT
Prefix with graph or gram EPI
Rather thick OBTUSE
Ref. work whose 2018 Word of the Year is ‘toxic’ OED
Rhine whines ACHS
RR stop STA
Santa __ ANA
See 27-Down URGE
See 38-Down MARX
See 40-Across TEA
Sheep prized for its wool MERINO
Starters ATEAM
Strictly religious ORTHODOX
Tailor’s measure INSEAM
Toklas’ life partner STEIN
Trite saying BROMIDE
Vaper’s need, informally ECIG
Whole lot SCAD
With 43-Across, feeling often fought THE
With 66-Across, German philosopher buried in London’s Highgate Cemetery KARL
__ out a living EKE