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L.A. Times Daily – January 15 2019 Tuesday

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Clues Answers
‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ setting IRAN
1984 Prince hit PURPLERAIN
Actors in a show CAST
Adventurous DARING
Aid for a disabled auto TOW
Animals at home PETS
Ann __, Michigan ARBOR
At close range POINTBLANK
Before, in verse ERE
Big Apple law gp NYPD
Big lug APE
Bless using oil ANOINT
Body of water between Connecticut and southeastern New York LONGISLANDSOUND
Breed that’s Welsh for ‘dwarf dog’ CORGI
Bully in the ‘Toy Story’ films SID
Bushels ALOT
Cabinet dept. concerned with nukes ENER
California/Nevada resort lake TAHOE
Capital on the Hudson ALBANY
Chocolate-making bean CACAO
Cinematic FX CGI
Color-altering camera lens accessory FILTER
Comparable (to) AKIN
Cultural setting MILIEU
Cyberchats, briefly IMS
Darth, as a youth ANI
Director Preminger OTTO
Dozens of mos YRS
Eurasian border mountains URALS
European mountain ALP
Exams for would-be attys LSATS
Fierce public protest OUTCRY
For a specific purpose, as a committee ADHOC
Fresh NEW
George of ‘Cheers’ WENDT
Grandmaster’s last word … and what the last word in 17-, 24-, 36- and 52-Across can be CHECKMATE
Half-__: coffee with a little less kick CAF
Japanese carp KOI
Jazz great Blake EUBIE
Jot down NOTATE
Lacking light DARK
Like challenging push-ups ONEARM
Management deg MBA
Milky gemstones OPALS
More adept ABLER
More formal ‘Me neither!’ NORI
Muscle injury STRAIN
Muslim religion ISLAM
Napkin’s place LAP
Noted 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
Paris corp CIE
Picket line participant STRIKER
Polynesian people MAORI
Ponzi scheme, e.g FRAUD
Prepare to shine in a bodybuilding contest? OILUP
Rain-__ bubble gum BLO
Rights advocacy org ACLU
Scatters, as seeds STREWS
Secret supplies CACHES
Single-digit temps, for most COLDSPELL
Skater Midori ITO
Skin pic TAT
Small river STREAM
Soap star Susan LUCCI
Solo of ‘Star Wars’ HAN
State with conviction ASSERT
Suffix with pay OLA
Surround ENFOLD
Suspect’s excuse ALIBI
Taking a break ATREST
Talk like Daffy LISP
Templeton in ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ e.g RAT
Thief during a riot LOOTER
Trap during a winter storm, say ICEIN
Tribulations ORDEALS
Try to whack HITAT