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L.A. Times Daily – January 20 2019 Sunday

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Clues Answers
‘… shall not __ from the earth’: Lincoln PERISH
‘… __ he drove out of sight’: Moore ERE
‘A Visit From the Goon Squad’ Pulitzer winner Jennifer EGAN
‘Aladdin’ prince ALI
‘Anything __?’ ELSE
‘Comprende?’ SEE
‘Dropped’ ’60s drug LSD
‘I, Claudius’ role NERO
‘In the Land of Israel’ author Oz AMOS
‘Is my account settled?’? NEEDIPAYMORE
‘Mon __!’ DIEU
‘Night’ author Wiesel ELIE
‘Sunday Night Football’ network NBC
‘What a long week!’ TGIF
‘What’s __?’ NEW
1982 sci-fi film TRON
A silly stunt may be done on one DARE
According to ALA
Acute DIRE
Agency that regulates test cheating? PEEKINGOFFICE
Annoying criticism GRIEF
Apiece, in scores ALL
Aplenty GALORE
Arabian Peninsula port or its gulf ADEN
Astronomy Muse URANIA
Atlanta-to-Miami dir SSE
Audacity NERVE
Ballpoint, e.g PEN
Barbershop tool STROP
Barely gets, with ‘out’ EKES
Basketry fiber ISTLE
Beasts of burden OXEN
Became aware of NOTICED
Best Buy buy TEEVEE
Biblical debarkation point ARARAT
Big name in Argentine politics PERON
Bjorn Borg, e.g SWEDE
Bothers ADOS
Breakfast choice OMELET
Breaks GAPS
Brewer’s need HOPS
Cabinet dept ENER
Calvary inscription INRI
Cereal grass disease ERGOT
Classic O’Brien noir film DOA
Clunky old cars BEATERS
Come together GEL
Comedy club chorus HAHAS
Common opening time NINE
Concurred AGREED
Crag TOR
Cremona artisan AMATI
Crude gp.? OPEC
Decline WANE
Designed to fit tightly SNAPON
Disney’s Cruella De __ VIL
Domed-top structures, perhaps SILOS
Drive-__ THRU
Elementary seed OVULE
Estrada of ‘CHiPs’ ERIK
European capital BERN
Eyelike openings OCULI
Field of study AREA
Fiji’s eastern neighbor TONGA
Film festival entry INDIE
Flood deterrent LEVEE
Former gen.’s status RETD
French season ETE
Friend of Claudius I HEROD
Fruity cocktail word PINA
Getting on AGING
Half a ’60s quartet MAMAS
Half a luau serving? MAHI
Hardly a revealing style MAXI
Heads off AVERTS
Herb commonly in five-spice powder FENNEL
How many TV shows air INHD
Imminent wordplay warning? HERECOMESTHEPUN
International economic coalition GSEVEN
It could be a mere nod CUE
Justice confirmed under Bush 43 ALITO
Kind of acid in red wine TANNIC
Kind of guy you can count on GOTO
Least occupied IDLEST
Link warning letters NSFW
Logician’s link ERGO
Love abroad AMORE
Make a mash of PUREE
Many a Degas PASTEL
Mill output PAPER
MLB leader in career saves RIVERA
More mean NASTIER
Moves unsteadily TEETERS
Nasdaq debut IPO
Nervous draft choice? WORRIEDPICK
No longer be comprehensible … and, with its first word divided in three parts, a hint to how to read this puzzle’s title STOPMAKINGSENSE
Oil sources SESAMES
Oldest Musketeer ATHOS
Orchestra section REEDS
Others, in Latin ALII
Parmenides’ home ELEA
Peter, Paul or Mary SAINT
Planet shape: Abbr SPH
Popular disco era pastimes? PONGANDDANCE
Private nonprofit: Abbr NGO
Public commotion FUROR
Puffy clouds CUMULI
Quiet partner PEACE
Ran into MET
Really bad atmosphere MIASMA
Really digging INTO
Relatives of b’ars? COONS
Removes forcibly WRESTS
Romantic evening extension NIGHTCAP
Running goal SEAT
Scary fairy tale beast OGRE
Sched. uncertainty TBA
Shark hanger-on REMORA
Shopping list entry ITEM
Signs of the future OMENS
Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘__ Robinson’ MRS
Skunk River city AMES
Space opening AERO
Spanish ayes SISI
Swarm TEEM
Talks from Cicero ORATIONS
Tested for gold, say ASSAYED
The Carpenters’ soloist KAREN
They may be shot in rafts RAPIDS
Thiamine deficiency disease BERIBERI
Took offense at RESENTED
Turning whiter PALING
Very first ATM password? ORIGINALPIN
Virgil subject AENEAS
Workbench attachment VISE
Workplace cartridge contents TONER
You’re looking at one GRID
Young conger ELVER