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L.A. Times Daily – January 21 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Am I coming in loud and clear?’ (Verizon) CANYOUHEARMENOW
‘Cast Away’ setting ISLE
‘Dear __ Hansen’: 2017 Best Musical EVAN
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘Don’t settle when it comes to personal potential’ (U.S. Army) BEALLYOUCANBE
‘Morning Edition’ airer NPR
‘No fakes here’ (Coca-Cola) ITSTHEREALTHING
‘Oops!’ OHOH
‘The Wizard __’: comic strip OFID
‘Waiter, isn’t my steak ready yet?’ (Wendy’s) WHERESTHEBEEF
242, for the USA AGE
A single time ONCE
Actor Cariou LEN
Affluent Los Angeles district ENCINO
Angels or Saints TEAM
Any volume of Hume’s ‘The History of England,’ e.g TOME
Appliance brand AMANA
Astronomical red giant SSTAR
Bait fish MINNOW
Banded marble AGATE
Baseball’s Babe RUTH
Berkshire school ETON
Big mess SNAFU
Black cat, to some OMEN
Bluesy James ETTA
Boutros-Ghali’s successor ANNAN
British buddy OLDCHAP
Broadway auntie MAME
Consecutive alphabet trio that spells a name STU
Cook in oil FRY
Cylindrical cheese EDAM
Drink served with marshmallows COCOA
Easily maneuvered, at sea YARE
Easy to understand COHERENT
Explorer __ de Leon PONCE
Fits of anger RAGES
Flock’s ‘Absolutely!’ AMEN
Flu symptom FEVER
Game with no winner TIE
Garden scrapers HOES
Gathering around the quarterback HUDDLE
Genetic ‘messenger’ initials RNA
Happen as a result ENSUE
Heavenly body ORB
In-flight approx ETA
Indy service areas PITS
Initial stage, as of the flu ONSET
It includes cups, a pot and a sugar bowl TEASET
Largest Greek island CRETE
Layered minerals MICAS
Legislate ENACT
Letter before omega PSI
Like Cheerios OATY
London art gallery TATE
Mafioso code of honor OMERTA
Make over RECREATE
MD’s ‘Now!’ STAT
More than annoys IRES
Narrow street LANE
Once-lifetime link INA
One-named New Age singer ENYA
Precipitous STEEP
Puts in stitches SEWS
Reproductive cells GAMETES
Round Table title SIR
Sean Connery, for one SCOT
Shire of ‘Rocky’ TALIA
Soak up ABSORB
Sonata movement RONDO
Strong winds GALES
The Vols’ sch UTENN
Them, vis-à-vis us FOE
USCG officer ENS
Words while calling a bet IMIN
__ Tomé and Príncipe SAO