L.A. Times Daily – Jul 1 2018

Clues Answers
“C’est magnifique!” OOHLALA
“Dark of the Moon” poet TEASDALE
“Get real!” ASIF
“It’s not my first __!” RODEO
“Mayor” author KOCH
“Seriously?” CMON
“She Believes __”: Kenny Rogers hit INME
“__ Mio” OSOLE
“__ With a ‘Z’”: 1972 TV special LIZA
1944 turning point DDAY
1954 Ford debut TBIRD
2002 Nobel Peace Prize laureate CARTER
2009 Meryl Streep role JULIACHILD
24 horas DIA
Administrative hub SEAT
Altar sacrifice, at times? LASTNAME
Amazon predator ANACONDA
Author Dinesen ISAK
Barbecue fare KABOBS
Barely done RARE
Beat around the bush, e.g IDIOM
Big name in casual garb LEVI
Bizet’s “Habanera,” e.g ARIA
Botch FLUB
Bottom of a pie PIZZACRUST
Brand with a Creamy Vodka sauce PREGO
Bring to a boil ANGER
Broadway restaurant founder SARDI
Burn the toast, say ERR
Can’t get out of it HASTO
Carriers of carriers PETSHOPS
Cast assignment ROLE
Choral part ALTO
City awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic Games PARIS
College offering DEGREE
Coolers, briefly, that span two words in the nine longest answers ACS
Donor drive target ALUM
Drug bust unit KILO
Enjoyed some courses DINED
Fam. tree member DESC
Fancy window feature ARCH
Female folklore fiend OGRESS
Fifth-century Roman Empire foe ATTILA
Fill completely SATE
Fish caught in pots EELS
For hire to sire ATSTUD
Former car-financing org GMAC
Freed, in a way UNTIED
Frequent co-star of Sly TALIA
From the top AGAIN
Game player’s purchase SEGACONSOLE
Glowing piece EMBER
Gourmet gastropod SNAIL
Great Plains tribe KIOWA
Green word? REUSE
Hate the idea of DREAD
Historic 1804 contest DUEL
How much sautéing is done INOIL
Hugs, on cards OOO
Hummus scooper PITA
Initial stages ONSETS
Intangible quality AURA
Invited ASKED
Iridescent stones OPALS
Is just right FITS
It may be a lot ACRE
iTunes Store category SOUL
Just shy of shut AJAR
Keep the beat? PATROL
Kitchen job PREP
Clues Answers
Large volume TOME
Lash out at ASSAIL
Last Supper question ISITI
Leading the line NEXT
Like many soup veggies DICED
Like parts of the Great Plains SEMIARID
Like the most summery day LAZIEST
Long, thin mushroom ENOKI
Lots of paper REAMS
Made off with TOOK
Manning of football ELI
Meditative discipline TAICHI
Mil. authority CMD
Mil. driller SGT
Mumbai melody RAGA
Non-Rx OTC
Oakland-based environmental group SIERRACLUB
On trial INCOURT
Org. founded on the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth NAACP
Org. with a New London academy USCG
Overly curious NOSY
Palatable SAPID
Part of a plan STEP
Part of PGA: Abbr ASSOC
Performer’s place STAGE
Pre-college, briefly ELHI
Predatory fish with an acute sense of smell SHARKS
Prefix with ware MAL
Protection from the elements TARPS
Pub hardware TAPS
Pub round ALES
Puts at risk IMPERILS
Quality bedding material PIMACOTTON
Rel. title REV
Religious faction SECT
Response to un capitán SISI
Revolution prefix ROTO
Rick’s “kid” ILSA
Ring components ONIONS
Rip off CON
Road closing? STER
Room in some posh residences MEDIACENTER
Ruin, with “up” LOUSE
Samaritan’s offering AID
Scoffing sounds HAHS
Separately ONEBYONE
Shillelagh’s land ERIN
Short orders? BLTS
Singer on a 2007 Black Heritage postage stamp, familiarly ELLA
Sites with jets AIRBASES
Some annexes ELLS
Stock ending? ADE
Struggling student’s option EXTRACREDIT
Super Bowl XXXIV champs RAMS
Switchboard connection: Abbr EXT
Sylvester’s problem LISP
Teaching model MOCKUP
Texas city in the film “Friday Night Lights” ODESSA
They’re often cooped up HENS
Tip off TELL
Trojan Horse, for one RUSE
Tube top CAP
Unc, to Dad SIB
Use, as one’s resources DRAWUPON
View from much of U.S. Highway 101 OCEAN
Wallop SLUG
Water-absorbing plant part ROOTHAIR
Well-coordinated AGILE
Where Petaluma is SONOMACOUNTY
Wistful remark OHGEE

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