L.A. Times Daily – Jul 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Casablanca” role ILSA
“Hah, right!” PFFT
“Mad About You” co-star REISER
“The Masked Dancer” panelist Paula ABDUL
Bank actions, briefly REPOS
Baseball analyst Hershiser OREL
Best Picture Oscar winner directed by Siân Heder CODA
Big name in skin care AVON
Bit of finery GEM
Black Sea resort YALTA
Blubber SOB
Boot camp barker SARGE
Cadillacs manufactured for 50 years ELDORADOS
Coffee cup insulator SLEEVE
Colleague of Amy and Elena SONIA
Collected goofs ERRATA
Consequently THEN
Crate piece SLAT
Evian et Perrier EAUX
Finger food, in Zaragoza TAPA
Functions USES
Gives a little SAGS
Grifter’s game SCAM
Heckles BAITS
Horses now tame enough to ride? CREATURESOFBIT
Karachi currency RUPEE
Lana of Smallville LANG
Like some vbs IRR
Like some Windows errors FATAL
Like wool, for many ITCHY
Mail payment REMIT
Maker of the first refrigerator with a dry-erase door AMANA
Mark for good ETCH
Masked caller UMP
Mulled wine spice CLOVE
Name in a Salinger title ESME
Nana who deciphers coded messages? GRAMCRACKER
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Org. scheme SYST
Palindrome in stanzas ERE
PBS benefactor NEA
Pets who may squeeze into shoeboxes CATS
Pickup truck with four rear wheels DUALLY
Point AIM
Prefix for the birds? AVI
Pulsate strongly THROB
Quaint sigh AHME
Rare color? RED
Relaxed ATEASE
Request from ASKOF
Retro-hip beers, for short PBRS
Run out EXPEL
Santa __ winds ANA
Self-promoters BRAGGARTS
Sentence server INMATE
Sephora rival ULTA
Serious business, and a hint to four answers in this puzzle NOLAUGHINGMATTER
Serious locks MANE
Shadow canvas EYELID
Showbiz grand slam EGOT
Skirmish between rival hives? BATTLEOFSTINGS
Smack SLAP
Smaller than small TEENSY
Smaller than small MICRO
Snafu MESS
Speck of dust atop the Matterhorn? ALPPARTICLE
Symbol in the center of Cameroon’s flag STAR
Telemundo article UNA
Temporarily provided LENT
The planets, e.g OCTAD
They often hang around kitchens SAUCEPANS
Used a rocker SAT
Veld grazers GNUS
__ pad MEMO

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