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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 10 2018

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Clues Answers
“Donna” singer Ritchie VALENS
“My luck HAS to change!” IMDUE
“Sharknado” actress Reid TARA
“Therefore … “ ANDSO
“__ you ready yet?” ARENT
Alfred E. Neuman magazine MAD
Apple tablets IPADS
Atlanta-based cable channel TBS
Baghdad native IRAQI
Beatnik’s “Gotcha!” IDIG
Car music source FMRADIO
Chatting online, for short IMING
Chicago paper, familiarly TRIB
Chinese gambling mecca MACAO
Chorus from the pews AMENS
Comes to a complete halt STOPSDEAD
Condition once called “shell shock,” for short PTSD
Copier malfunction DOCUMENTJAM
Crosswalk user, briefly PED
Deep sleep COMA
Employ USE
Eyeglasses glass LENS
Fashionably ripped denim DISTRESSEDJEANS
Fast train in the Northeast ACELA
Fencing sword EPEE
FĂștbol fan’s cry OLE
Garden tools HOES
Gave lunch to FED
Get fresh with SASS
Get ready to hit the road GASUP
Hosp. drips IVS
Ideal occupations DREAMJOBS
Ignores warnings to behave, say ASKSFORIT
Ike’s monogram DDE
Indian friend of TV’s Sheldon RAJ
Indiana hoopster PACER
Intimidate DAUNT
Invitation letters RSVP
Israel’s Golda MEIR
Clues Answers
It may be a result of stress, some say GRAYHAIR
Keep __: persist ATIT
Liberate FREE
Like frat brothers MALE
Little troublemakers IMPS
Long, thin fish EEL
Matthew and Mark wrote two of them GOSPELS
Medical ins. plan HMO
Moth-eaten TATTY
Mystical glow AURA
Noblemen below princes DUKES
November honorees VETS
Off-color humor DIRTYJOKE
Once-sacred snakes ASPS
One usually dressed for success GQTYPE
Pained cries OWS
Prodigal __ SON
Puerto __ RICO
Quaint schoolteachers MARMS
RCA product HDTV
Road trip stopovers INNS
Roman commoner PLEB
Running on __ EMPTY
Scrambled words newspaper game DAILYJUMBLE
Sign of the future OMEN
So totally gross ICKY
Spanish eyes OJOS
Strand at the ski lodge, maybe ICEIN
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Swampy area MIRE
Talking endlessly to JAWINGAT
Track mix for a party, and what the five longest Across answers comprise DJSET
Trot JOG
Vague feeling VIBE
Vaudeville bit GAG
Whirlpool EDDY
Women’s basketball analyst Fortner NELL
__ buco: veal dish OSSO
__ the deal SEAL