L.A. Times Daily – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“All finished!” DONE
“Almost Famous” director Cameron CROWE
“Dirty John” actor Eric BANA
“Frankly,” in texts TBH
“Onwards!” LETSGO
“Rugrats” dad STU
“Thanks a __!” LOT
“The Beat With Ari Melber” broadcaster MSNBC
“The Martian” actor Damon MATT
“__ we forget” LEST
Amazon gadget activated by saying “Alexa” ECHO
Apple discard CORE
Aussie colleges UNIS
Ballet skirt TUTU
Barbershop request TRIM
Bengay target ACHE
Big name in ridesharing UBER
Big, mean giant OGRE
Cash dispensers ATMS
City hall bigwig MAYOR
Coup d’__: sudden regime change ETAT
Edinburgh resident SCOT
Egg on GOAD
Facts and figs INFO
Female pig SOW
Filter (through) SEEP
Flight update abbr ARR
From a short distance, with “at” CLOSERANGE
Guzzles (down) SNARFS
Gym sets, briefly REPS
Has the wheel STEERS
Help oneself to TAKE
Highest point APEX
Joyful Spanish shout ARRIBA
Length of many TV dramas HOUR
Low-scoring tie ONEONE
Magnum __: masterpiece OPUS
Metal corrosion RUST
Modern creatures that are technically dinosaurs BIRDS
Mushroomed GREW
Novelist Tokarczuk who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature OLGA
Observe SEE
Ocean floor dwellers with many arms OCTOPI
One of the Rice Krispies trio SNAP
One-sixth of an inch, to a typesetter PICA
Play idly, as a guitar STRUM
Postal scale unit OUNCE
Power interruption OUTAGE
Professional org ASSOC
Put a hex on CURSED
QB stats TDS
Rock band with the album “Powerage” ACDC
Ruler of imperialist Russia TSAR
Sci-fi film with light cycles TRON
Serious hwy. crime DUI
Set loose FREED
Smell ODOR
Solemn observance RITE
Spanish house CASA
Start a card game DEAL
Stitching target RIP
Tell-all news story EXPOSE
Treats with petty malice SPITES
Ultrasound goop GEL
Uncommon RARE
Unload for cash SELL
Volcano on Sicily ETNA
Wave a red flag at WARN
Where to watch pillars and frames? SUPPORTNETWORK
Where to watch Stonehenge and Big Ben? ENGLISHCHANNEL
Where to watch tracks and tunnels? RAILWAYSTATION
Workforce during the wee hours NIGHTSHIFT
Writes the wrong ZIP code, say ERRS

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