L.A. Times Daily – Jul 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Big Blue” on the Big Board IBM
“Cornflake Girl” singer Amos TORI
“Good point” TRUE
“Julius Caesar” costume TOGA
“Let’s … never do that” UMNO
“Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” cable network HBO
+ or – particles IONS
Actress Hedy in the National Inventors Hall of Fame LAMARR
All-important VITAL
Apply by massaging, as barbecue spices RUBIN
Bryce Canyon state UTAH
Campus sports gp NCAA
Canned meat used in Hawaiian cuisine SPAM
Catmobile, e.g CAR
Clickable connections LINKS
Cook in the oven ROAST
Deliberately deceive LIETO
Dodge pickup truck RAM
Dog in Oz TOTO
Emulate Eileen Gu and Lindsey Vonn SKI
Fill a position HIRE
French Quarter city, informally NOLA
Fugitive’s plea HIDEME
High point of a home tour? ATTIC
Hollywood headliners MOVIESTARS
Hunts, with “on” PREYS
Inhaler user’s malady ASTHMA
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Many ICU professionals RNS
Meets on the river? REGATTAS
Multivitamin ingredient IRON
Norwegian saint OLAF
Org. exited in Brexit THEEU
Pad thai protein option TOFU
Paradise UTOPIA
Pearl Harbor site OAHU
Poker pot starter ANTE
Politically motivated spending PORK
Popovich who is the winningest coach in NBA history GREGG
Read, as a QR code SCAN
Repeated song part CHORUS
Rights advocacy gp ACLU
Road goo TAR
Seemingly limitless VAST
Ship captain’s journal LOG
Sign of stress? ACCENTMARK
Skin opening PORE
Skinny tropical tree PALM
Snack food mascot with a monocle MRPEANUT
Soothes to sleep LULLS
Starting lineup ATEAM
Take place next ENSUE
Targets of Terro bait traps ANTS
The Madrigal family home in “Encanto,” e.g CASA
Track competition MEET
Turns rancid ROTS
Unexpected hiccups SNAGS
Unwelcome windshield item TICKET
Use a swizzle stick STIR
Using questionable campaign tactics SMEARING
USN rank ENS
Utility gauge GASMETER
Villain’s hideout LAIR
Well-put APT
Wide-eyed with anticipation AGOG
Wild “au revoir”? ADIEUCOCKATOO
Wild “auf wiedersehen”? TSCHUSSOCTOPUS
Wild “goodbye”? LATERALLIGATOR
Yuletide song NOEL
__ and rave RANT

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