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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“… that struts and frets his hour __ the stage”: Macbeth UPON
“Indications are … “ ITSEEMS
“South Park” kid ERIC
“__ even!” ICANT
Actress Meyer of “Johnny Mnemonic” DINA
Alexa counterpart SIRI
Amy Lowell poem of a “fresh-washed and fair” time SPRINGDAY
An unquestionable fact THEGOSPELTRUTH
Baked __ HAM
Bar rooms? JAILS
Bench press target PEC
Call the game REF
Called for takeout, say ORDERED
Cherokee, e.g SUV
Civil rights theorist Guinier LANI
Common lunch hour NOON
Dior dress ALINE
Director Lupino IDA
Eye-related prefix OPTO
Field concerned with fields: Abbr AGR
Find better words, say EDIT
Fishing hole site POND
Gate closers LATCHES
Gear for a gaucho RIATA
Get rid of LOSE
Giant great MAYS
Got wind (of) HEARD
Grayish ASHY
Hammer part PEEN
Harmony SYNC
Hershey’s collectible COCOATIN
High-end German appliance brand MIELE
How many commute BYCAR
In the past, once ERST
Kept from squeaking OILED
Luxuriates BASKS
Matterhorn, e.g ALP
Clues Answers
Meditative ones YOGIS
Mediterranean mount ETNA
More nasty, as weather UGLIER
Nation west of Mumbai OMAN
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Notes JOTS
Nutritional abbr RDA
Odds partner ENDS
Operatic villains, often BASSI
Org. promoting fluoridation ADA
Organic jewelry source AMBER
Overhaul REDO
Part of a John Williams quintet OSCAR
Pressing feeling SENSEOFURGENCY
Privileged group ELITE
Proper APT
Pub inventory items KEGS
Rancor BILE
Rich quaff NOG
S.D. neighbor NEB
Salon application GEL
Salon product COIF
Self-affirming query AMINOT
Small business SHOP
Something fit for a king? BEDSPREAD
Sweater fabric KNIT
Symphonic rock gp ELO
Trace amount TINGE
Veto, in Vienna NEIN
Watches MINDS
West of Gotham City? ADAM
Western __ UNION
What Italians may use to commute VESPA
What may come to those who wait TIP
What words concealed by the other four longest Across answers do … and also, what each of them is HIDEINPLAINSIGHT
Work at PLY
Yale figure ELI
Yearbook gp SRS