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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

L.A. Times Daily – Jul 27 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
“Can we turn on the ceiling fan?” IMHOT
“Glassheart” singer Lewis LEONA
“Hey, sailor!” AHOY
“Outlander” cable network STARZ
“Ring of Fire” singer CASH
“That’s it!” AHA
*Baker’s pan CAKETIN
*Cabbagelike ornamental plant WHITEKALE
*Small Hershey’s treats CHOCOLATEKISSES
Accounting giant __ & Young ERNST
Added one’s opinion CHIMEDIN
Adjust a paragraph setting RETAB
Apropos of ASTO
Baltimore Ravens mascot named for a writer POE
Black Card co AMEX
Blackjack stack CHIPS
Chowder head? CLAM
City near Manchester LEEDS
Common name for a tree-lined street ELM
Comparable (to) AKIN
D.C. veterans POLS
Defensive line? ALIBI
Experiences HAS
Feel poorly AIL
Flight path? AISLE
Food writer Drummond REE
General __ chicken TSOS
Get just right NAIL
Green Hornet sidekick KATO
Henrik whose last play was “When We Dead Awaken” IBSEN
Ipanema’s city RIO
Iron-pumping unit REP
Keep safe GUARD
Lab container FLASK
Largest city on the Red River HANOI
Left on a map WEST
Lens cover EYELID
Clues Answers
Links standard PAR
Lose-lose NOWIN
Manicurist’s tool FILE
Misinterpret, or what is hidden in each of the answers to the starred clues? TAKETHEWRONGWAY
Mom, to Auntie SIS
More iffy DODGIER
Mormons, initially LDS
Ocular woes STYES
Old Italian bread? LIRE
Orecchiette shape EAR
Passage quoted in a book review, say EXCERPT
Poetry fests SLAMS
Pool toy RAFT
Prom queen topper TIARA
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Puts a glove on, in a way TAGS
Reason for a makeup test ABSENCE
Ricelike pasta ORZO
RVer’s stopover KOA
Sacramento team KINGS
Sets in a bar TVS
Siouan speakers IOWAS
Sit for a portrait POSE
Some Bach creations CANTATAS
Some connections INS
Some pore minimizers TONERS
String quartet instrument VIOLA
Stuff one’s face PIGOUT
Tetris shape ELL
Top-__ NOTCH
Transmission selection GEAR
Trivia quiz fodder FACTS
USSR secret service KGB
Watered-down WEAK
Windex target PANE
Wrath IRE
__ salt SEA