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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 28 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
” … a farm, __” EIEIO
“Citizen Kane” distributor RKO
“If I might interrupt … “ AHEM
“Inside Out” studio PIXAR
“Planet Money” network NPR
‘Tis the season YULE
Actress Ullmann LIV
AP rival UPI
Aptly named baby carrier brand SNUGLI
Beat fast, as a heart RACE
Bracketology org NCAA
Can’t bear DETEST
Carried TOTED
Chickadee kin TIT
Chow down EAT
Classical prefix NEO
Connect (with) MEETUP
Do the opposite of what those who 17-, 28- or 35-/38-Across do EXERCISECAUTION
Doctrine suffix ISM
Dot follower, on campuses EDU
Emerald City creator BAUM
Exclamation from Homer DOH
Exclamation from Scrooge BAH
Exile isle ELBA
Expand regs to one’s advantage STRETCHTHERULES
Fishy email asking for personal info, perhaps SPAM
Great Barrier __ REEF
Hobbit enemies ORCS
Impulsively get involved JUMPINHEADFIRST
Joins the service ENLISTS
Jr. and sr YRS
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in coll UCLABRUIN
Key to some shortcuts? ALT
Lessen in intensity EASE
Lets have it SCREAMSAT
Level TIER
Licorice-like flavoring ANISE
Like jagged edges EROSE
Locally grown NATIVE
Looney Tunes animator Tex AVERY
Madagascar, e.g ISLAND
Many an April birth ARIES
Meas. with city and highway calculations MPH
Michelle who wrote “Becoming” OBAMA
Mystical old letter RUNE
Nanny, mostly? ENS
NBC’s “Weekend Update” show SNL
Once known as NEE
One of two for 52-Down TERM
Org. concerned with boxers ASPCA
Pain au __: French dessert LAIT
Parking places SPOTS
Physicist Mach ERNST
Place for a soccer guard SHIN
Prez before Jack IKE
Read, as a bar code SCAN
Rights activist Carmichael STOKELY
Rikishi’s sport SUMO
Ritzy NYC thoroughfare PARKAVE
Rural assent YESM
Sallie __ MAE
Salty margarita glass spots RIMS
SEA postings ETAS
See 35-Across THINICE
Snoozed SLEPT
Sub detector SONAR
Suspense novelist Hoag TAMI
Swindling scheme BUNKO
Taste test request TRYONE
Very large MEGA
Volleyball star Gabrielle REECE
Western treaty gp OAS
Win by a __ NOSE
With 38-Across, take a dangerous risk SKATEON
__ Wiggum, Lisa Simpson classmate RALPH