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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 29 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Beatles ’65’ song IMALOSER
‘Science Guy’ Bill NYE
‘Watermark’ musician ENYA
Actor Sharif OMAR
Big wheels HELMS
Bridge term REBID
Can’t abide DETEST
Clean, in a way MOP
Commotions ADOS
Cook’s protector MITT
Coral, for one SEA
D.C. group SENS
Dazzling displays ECLATS
Distribute METE
Endlessly ONANDON
Engineer Citro├źn ANDRE
Exit via the jetway DEPLANE
Fayetteville sch UOFA
Filed, in a way RASPED
Former nuclear agcy AEC
Gaucho’s weapon BOLA
Gear for stealth, briefly CAMO
Getaway LAM
Happens OCCURS
Hive feature HONEYCOMB
Indiana-based sports org NCAA
Indistinguishable, with ‘the’ SAME
Kitchen wrap SARAN
Letters in a water molecule diagram HOH
Light cotton fabric MADRAS
Like the moon, at times HALOED
Manage to pay AFFORD
Many old comedy teams DUOS
Mine find ORE
Mix drinks TENDBAR
Nail polish brand ESSIE
NBC skit show SNL
Nevada state flower SAGEBRUSH
One of the only two NBA teams that share an arena LACLIPPERS
Outplay BEST
Parodies SPOOFS
Payroll service initials ADP
Pepcid rival TAGAMET
Practice USAGE
Pre-High Holy Days Hebrew month ELUL
Pub brand with a red triangle logo BASSALE
Put on weight GAIN
Qatari leader EMIR
Relay units LAPS
Sarcastic ‘So sad’ BOOHOO
Sauce whose name means ‘please’ PREGO
Show fear, maybe TREMBLE
Simplicity-based problem-solving principle OCCAMSRAZOR
Slip by ELAPSE
Soothe LULL
Soothsayer ORACLE
Spiny lizard IGUANA
Stand for something EASEL
Stars and Stripes OLDGLORY
Start to fall? PRAT
Stubborn equine ASS
Swaggering gait STRUT
Sweetie, in modern lingo BAE
Take on ASSUME
Tales and such LORE
Type of garden ZEN
Unmatched ODD
Vincent’s agent in ‘Entourage’ ARI
Wane EBB
Web __ PAGE
Where to find the ends of 17-, 25-, 36- and 49-Across BARBERSHOP
Word in a court oath TRUTH
Word with health or hair CARE