L.A. Times Daily – Jul 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Friday Night Lights” actor Chandler KYLE
“It was nothing” ITRY
“Keep your __ on!” SHIRT
“On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” novelist Vuong OCEAN
“The best is __ come” YETTO
“The Checklist Manifesto” surgeon/author Gawande ATUL
“The Princess Bride” director REINER
“Walk me!” ARF
“__-boom-bah!” SIS
92-Down base RICE
Accommodate OBLIGE
Active Naturals skin care brand AVEENO
Actor MacFarlane SETH
Alaskan seaport NOME
Allowed LET
Anger IRE
Applaud CLAP
Army bigwigs: Abbr MAJS
Audacity NERVE
Basic Spanish infinitive ESTAR
Besmirch TAINT
Big picture? MURAL
Broadcasts AIRS
Burkina __: West African country FASO
Bygone name in toys TYCO
Caffeinate, perhaps PEPUP
Came down ALIT
Canned tomatoes brand ROTEL
Celeb’s entourage POSSE
Cleaner who doesn’t bother with corners? STRAIGHTSWEEPER
Common __ SENSE
Confidentiality contract: Abbr NDA
Cornerstone abbr ESTD
Cotton thread LISLE
Creme-filled cookies OREOS
Cybersales ETAIL
D.C. subway METRO
Dance moves STEPS
Deletes ERASES
Director DuVernay AVA
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Earring in a Vermeer painting PEARL
Easily improvised costume TOGA
Encore presentation RERUN
Epic journey ODYSSEY
Expert ACE
Fabled wish-granter GENIE
Family man DAD
Farm tower SILO
Faucet TAP
Fencing sword EPEE
Fishing line holder REEL
Fixed gaze STARE
Flower that sounds like a furrier ASTER
Furriers who sound like flowers ASTORS
Furry friend PET
Gardeners who can tend a plot really, really fast? SPADEDEMONS
Goes astray ERRS
GoPro product, briefly CAM
Hard-to-handle plants CACTI
Harlem Renaissance novelist Larsen NELLA
Head-scratcher ENIGMA
Helena hrs MST
Hybrid big cat LIGER
Immature comeback ISNOT
Info requested by winery websites AGE
Interruption during the America’s Cup? SUSPENDEDSAILING
Irksome one PEST
Jetson canine ASTRO
Kenya neighbor UGANDA
Lactose-free coffee additive OATMILK
Lake on the Nile NASSER
Like a used firepit ASHY
Literature Nobelist who served in the Irish Senate YEATS
Long skirt MAXI
Loving murmur COO
Mani-__: spa treatments PEDIS
Many a middle schooler PRETEEN
Math subj GEOM
Metallica drummer Ulrich LARS
Mined finds ORES
Minnesota senator Klobuchar AMY
Money paid to get money ATMFEE
More faithful TRUER
Mortise inserts TENONS
Nullify NEGATE
Nursery purchase TREE
Occasion EVENT
Oman neighbor YEMEN
Org. whose 2021 MVP was Jonquel Jones WNBA
Outlying community EXURB
Personal identification? ITSME
Petro-Canada rival ESSO
Plain to see APPARENT
Playwright Henrik IBSEN
Poison __ SUMAC
Pretend FEIGN
Prose pieces ESSAYS
Rainy day gear UMBRELLAS
Ristorante dish RISOTTO
River delta area MOUTH
Roof overhang EAVE
Rosary unit BEAD
Russian “no” NYET
Scuppered THWARTED
Second shot BOOSTER
Self-image EGO
Seoul airline ASIANA
Setting of the memoir “Reading Lolita in Tehran” IRAN
Shined a light on? LASED
Short “So long!” TTYL
Signature piece? PEN
Soft sounds from the barnyard? GENTLEBRAYS
Some D.C. pros NATIONALS
Spill the beans BLAB
Sporty Chevy VETTE
Spruces up CLEANS
Squabble over whose turn it is to get the car fixed? MAINTENANCEFRAY
Stonestreet of “Modern Family” ERIC
Stretching muscle TENSOR
Surname separator NEE
Sweets HON
Terre Haute sch ISU
Thickener used in molecular gastronomy AGAR
Tit for tat, say? TYPO
Totally face-plant EATIT
Trio-quartet combos SEPTETS
Troublemaking kid IMP
Turow book ONEL
Understands GRASPS
Urgent-care pro ERDOC
Wine label number YEAR
With it HIP
Words on a sale poster? PRICEPHRASE
Writer who created Pooh and Roo MILNE
__ de cologne EAU
__ Dhabi ABU
__ Jima IWO
__ liver oil COD
__ noire BETE
__-canceling headphones NOISE

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