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L.A. Times Daily – Jul 30 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Can I help you?” YES
“The Women” playwright Clare __ Luce BOOTHE
1988 self-titled country album REBA
2016 Olympics host RIO
6-Down rival SEGA
Begin to associate (with) FALLIN
Best way for something to work LIKEACHARM
Buck’s mate DOE
Chain with an alternate 28-letter name … and what you need to write five puzzle answers? IHOP
Chowder chunk POTATO
Chuckle TEHEE
Clay pigeon, e.g DISC
Combined JOINT
Conger chaser EELER
Congo River tributary EBOLA
Declare AVER
Dumpster fire FIASCO
E. African land ETH
Early seat belt material NYLON
Feline complaints YOWLS
Flight LAM
Govt. health org CDC
Group of eight OCTAD
Heckle BOO
Help, as a hood ABET
Hindu ascetic YOGI
Imitate APE
In the sack ABED
ISP option MSN
Italian counterpart of the BBC RAI
Jaime Sommers, TV’s “__ Woman” BIONIC
Kitchen draw AROMA
Landing WHARF
Lifelong bud, initially BFF
Lift providers UBERS
Like Vassar since 1969 COED
Loot to keep mute? BRIBEMONEY
Mexican resort, for short CABO
Millipede maker ATARI
More unfriendly ICIER
Mum of Charlotte, George and Louis KATE
Musical “don’t play” TACET
Mystery writer Josephine TEY
Nautical pronoun HER
Newspaper stand, e.g KIOSK
Non-verbal syst ASL
One of the “Emerging 7” nations INDIA
One-horse ride SHAY
Orange County city BREA
Port on its own gulf ADEN
Prepare for a pic POSE
Queen’s home HIVE
Refuge from the heat OASIS
Ring star ALI
Scottish family CLAN
Sister of Osiris ISIS
Smartphone software APP
Street border CURB
Stuntman Knievel EVEL
Surfing venue WEB
Taiwanese laptop brand ACER
Tapered off ABATED
Three, in Bari TRE
Tony kin OBIE
Untidy situation MESS
Wild, all-night party RAVE
Wind in the reeds OBOE
Word associated with Denver MILE
Writ of __ corpus HABEAS
Yankees’ foes JAYS
__ Gagarin, first human in outer space YURI
__ kingdom ANIMAL
__-cone SNO