L.A. Times Daily – Jul 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Can’t argue with that” TRUE
“Collapsed in Sunbeams” singer Parks ARLO
“I don’t have all day!” NOW
“Sure, I guess” UMYEAH
“Take it!” HERE
“Yay me!” IRULE
“__ Great Heights”: single by The Postal Service SUCH
“__ welcome” YOURE
*Fast fashion? ACTIVESTYLE
*House of worship known for raucous parties? WILDSANCTUARY
*Office scale? WORKBALANCE
*Paperwork for a UFO pilot? ALIENFORM
2015 boxing film directed by Ryan Coogler CREED
Actor Mapa of “Ugly Betty” and “Doom Patrol” ALEC
Arachnid incubator EGGSAC
Armed conflict waged on behalf of superpowers PROXYWAR
Board book subject SHAPES
Booker Prize-winning author Murdoch IRIS
Burkina __ FASO
Camden Yards player ORIOLE
Catch a glimpse of SPOT
Closed in on NEARED
Clothing line? HEM
Core muscles ABS
Country songs ANTHEMS
CPR provider EMT
D.C. daily WAPO
Devoid of joy NOFUN
Drag through the mud SMEAR
Emotional states MOODS
Explosive letters TNT
Fascinate INTRIGUE
Fish sticks fish COD
Forage plant VETCH
Go (for) OPT
Hot temper IRE
Icy center? SOFTC
Inelastic RIGID
Like some lingerie LACY
Manner WAY
Mobile game? PHONETAG
Multigenerational tale SAGA
New York suburb near New Rochelle PELHAM
Not more than ATMOST
Off the beaten path REMOTE
Pester NAG
Pumped up AFIRE
Really cheap FORASONG
Really get to RANKLE
Retina locale EYE
Sauce thickener ROUX
Shelter org ASPCA
Short-legged dog CORGI
Snap at, say REACTTO
Some spa treatments PEELS
Stain-removal brand SHOUT
Stomachs ABIDES
Suffix with ether EAL
Tear to bits REND
Tech leader? NANO
The Met __: annual NYC fundraising event GALA
Tricks to improve productivity, and the tricks used to form the answers to the starred clues? LIFEHACKS
Waterway with locks CANAL
West Coast petroleum giant that merged with Chevron in 2005 UNOCAL
Whale fare KRILL
Wind with a range of roughly three octaves OBOE
Wonkette founding editor __ Marie Cox ANA
Yoga postures ASANAS
__ Choice Awards TEEN
__ tide RIP

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