L.A. Times Daily – Jun 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“One Mic” rapper NAS
“Perfection” gesture CHEFSKISS
“Spread the word” PASSITON
“This Is Us” creator Fogelman DAN
“Where the Impossible Becomes Possible” park EPCOT
App glitch BUG
Banned spray DDT
Bar food SUSHI
Bechdel __ TEST
Bowie album with “Sound and Vision” LOW
Boxes up ENCASES
Brag about BOASTOF
Broderick of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” BETH
Chance for some grilling QANDA
Colorado county with Mesa Verde National Park MONTEZUMA
Comfort-first footwear CROCS
Costa __ RICA
Danish astronomer Tycho who lost part of his nose in a duel BRAHE
Drink of Scotland LOCH
Drummer Starkey ZAK
European rocket ARIANE
Fried side ONIONRING
Future chips SPUDS
Gale player GARLAND
Gingerbread house? COOKIETIN
Hand and foot UNITS
How Mulan appears for much of “Mulan” ASAMAN
Lang. of Ghana ENG
Language similar to Thai LAO
LAPD alerts APBS
Laughable ABSURD
Literal edges ELS
Literature Nobelist Anatole FRANCE
Logic game with clickable cells MINESWEEPER
Make easier to swallow SUGARCOAT
Max on the drums ROACH
Mecca native SAUDI
MLB great who said, “Play so good they can’t remember what color you were before the season started” HANKAARON
Mortified ABASHED
Most inexperienced RAWEST
Netflix series starring Lee Jung-jae SQUIDGAME
Not now ONCE
Off-menu small bite AMUSEBOUCHE
Often turned down, in a way DOGEARED
Orbiter until 2001 MIR
Paper loser ROCK
Part of MSG MONO
Party favors SWAG
Photon’s lack MASS
Pointless tiles? BLANKS
Poor showing NOONE
Pumped? SHOD
Pupper POOCH
Purpose AIM
Quite full SATED
Regrets RUES
Rude, crude dude BOOR
Server’s need RACKET
Short notes? IOUS
Sox manager Alex CORA
Swedish folk duo First __ Kit AID
Tahdig ingredient RICE
Thief who may set off a glitter bomb package PORCHPIRATE
When doubled, classic New Orleans song IKO
__ table TIMES
__ Vegas Aces LAS

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