L.A. Times Daily – Jun 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“2 funny!” LOL
“Billions” actor Giamatti PAUL
“Hidden Figures” actress Janelle MONAE
“I’m with you” DITTO
“No thanks” PASS
“On it” CANDO
“Pong” company ATARI
“The Big Bang Theory” astrophysicist with a Yorkshire terrier named Cinnamon RAJ
“Waterfalls” pop trio TLC
“What’s up, __?” DOC
100 smackers CSPOT
12 months YEAR
2011 Literature Nobelist Tranströmer TOMAS
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress Thurman UMA
Backup plans for outdoor events RAINDATES
Bar mixers SODAS
Barnyard pen STY
Beatrix Potter’s real first name HELEN
Bee-related APIAN
Bigheadedness EGO
Bollywood dress SARI
Break up ENDIT
Camp Pendleton org USMC
Campaign promise REFORM
Certain NCO CPL
Chef’s toque, e.g HAT
Civil wrong TORT
Classification for some violent films RRATING
Clear up SETTLE
College football fans sporting a blue “Y” ELIS
Conference session SEMINAR
Conspiring INCAHOOTS
Contrition REMORSE
Cougar on a sneaker PUMA
Discover bit by bit GLEAN
Dr. Scholl’s purchase INSOLE
Dressed to the __ NINES
Embrace HUG
Employee who works a lot? VALET
Extraterrestrial ALIEN
Eye-related OPTIC
Flora and fauna BIOTA
French film CINE
Gather INFER
GATT successor WTO
Georgia Tech basketball coach Fortner NELL
Glacier breakaway BERG
God of war pursued by Wonder Woman ARES
Golf legend Sam SNEAD
Govt. security TBOND
Govt.-issued ID SSN
Grand spreads ESTATES
Greek earth goddess GAIA
Hammer end PEEN
Heath’s “Brokeback Mountain” role ENNIS
Highway warning NOUTURN
Home for a pride LIONSDEN
Hub of bubbly ASTI
Hushed “Hey!” PSST
Inconsistent nutrition plans YOYODIETS
Inflation fig PSI
Jason of “How I Met Your Mother” SEGEL
Keiko in “Free Willy,” for one ORCA
Kind of cross TAU
Language of many a motto LATIN
Last letter of many plural nouns ESS
Last mo DEC
Leaving nothing out INALL
Lena of “The Artist’s Wife” OLIN
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Love, in Spain AMOR
Low-risk investments: Abbr CDS
Made less stringent EASED
Mai __: cocktail TAI
Maine college town ORONO
Make more lean DEFAT
National Forest northwest of Orlando OCALA
Neither here __ there NOR
Nestlé chocolate bar with a bubbly texture AERO
Netherlands airline KLM
Noisy toy gun CAPPISTOL
Ocean State sch URI
Old hoops gp ABA
On the up and up? LOFTY
One paying a flat fee? LESSEE
Orchestra leader MAESTRO
Order (around) BOSS
Part of a flower PETAL
Pet adoption org ASPCA
Posted SENT
Prune TRIM
Quadri- doubled OCTO
Ramen mushroom ENOKI
Relaxed stride LOPE
Research org INST
Road trip break PITSTOP
Sanctified HOLY
Santa Monica landmark PIER
Santa __: dry California winds ANAS
See 48-Across NAMATH
Senate staffer AIDE
Senior moment? PROM
Share a border ABUT
Sheepherding pig in a Best Picture nominee BABE
Sitcom home of Johnny Fever WKRP
Smells awful REEKS
Snaps PICS
Some bowling feats SPARES
Some long-term investments, briefly IRAS
Some Tuscany natives PISANS
Sound sleepers? SNORERS
Stand in line WAIT
Subject of Newton’s first law INERTIA
Team symbols MASCOTS
The Silver State NEVADA
Time being NONCE
Track events MEETS
Trillion: Pref TERA
Undefeated boxer Laila ALI
Unproductive activity TIMESINK
Use DoorDash, say EATIN
Verizon communications service FIOS
Washer cycle SPINDRY
Waterproof cover TARP
Wayfarer NOMAD
Waze display MAP
With 69-Down, MVP of Super Bowl III JOE
Worked (up) KEYED
Wrap (up) SEW
Wrinkly dog SHARPEI
Written in verse POETIC
__ acid AMINO
__ La Table: cookware shop SUR
__ reaction GUT

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