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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“Copperhead Road” singer Steve EARLE
“Don’t Bring Me Down” rock gp ELO
“I need a hand” HELPME
“Seward’s Folly” purchase ALASKA
“Tell It Like It Is” crooner __ Neville AARON
“What a pity” TSK
’50s prez IKE
*Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde,” e.g DOUBLEALBUM
*Marksmanship match TURKEYSHOOT
*R&D setting TESTLAB
*Sports bookie’s figure POINTSPREAD
Action film gun UZI
Animal welfare gp SPCA
As __: generally ARULE
B’way sellout sign SRO
Belgian treaty city GHENT
Blackjack request HITME
Boater or bowler HAT
Bruin great Bobby ORR
Bubbly brand MOET
Buck the system REBEL
Carol syllable TRA
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Cook quickly ZAP
Criticized unfairly, in slang HATEDON
D.C. network CSPAN
Driveway coating SEALER
E, in Morse code DOT
End of a close race … and what the last part of the answers to starred clues can literally be PHOTOFINISH
Ending for young and old alike? STER
English school since 1440 ETON
Extreme cruelty SADISM
Fashionable way to arrive? LATE
Finnish tech giant NOKIA
Foundry waste SLAG
Four-stringed instruments, typically UKES
Froot Loops shelfmate TRIX
Get away from ELUDE
Clues Answers
Gobbled up ATE
Good Grips gadget brand OXO
Green vehicles, for short ECARS
Half-__: coffee compromise CAF
Hanoi holiday TET
Hyphenated Minute Maid brand HIC
In unison ASONE
Inoffensive HARMLESS
Intensify HEATUP
Japanese drama NOH
Jodie Foster title role NELL
Kama __ SUTRA
Keebler cracker ZESTA
Location SCENE
Meadow LEA
Nevada’s __ 51 AREA
Online player, briefly PCGAMER
Parts of plots ACRES
Passé street corner convenience PAYPHONE
Pitching stat ERA
Prefix with logical ECO
Remington played by Brosnan STEELE
Rice-shaped pasta ORZO
Schnozz extension? OLA
Sermon subject SIN
Shoots the breeze CHATS
Singer Cyrus MILEY
Sling HURL
Stand in a studio EASEL
Stellar scholar ASTUDENT
Suffix with billion AIRE
Taj __ MAHAL
Tokyo, long ago EDO
Top songs set TEN
Tricks PLOYS
Weighty volume TOME
Wheel connector AXLE
Where work may pile up INBOX
__ Lanka SRI