L.A. Times Daily – Jun 14 2018

Clues Answers
“Bambi” doe ENA
“Hansel and Gretel” figure HAG
“So that’s what that means!” AHA
Actor Jon and others HAMMS
Add one’s two cents, with “in” CHIME
Apple Store buys IPADS
Bra spec DCUP
Brownish gray TAUPE
Carry out, as laws ENFORCE
Cause commotion … or what the circled letters do? RAISEARUCKUS
Certain 19th-century history specialist CIVILWARBUFF
Cobalt in the human body, e.g TRACEELEMENT
Common borrowing result DEBT
Cracker lacking pop DUD
Cut even shorter, as a green REMOW
Depression Era sight BREADLINE
Devour, with “down” SNARF
Elizabeth of beauty products ARDEN
Été month AOUT
FAA overseer USDOT
Gift-giving occasion, for short BDAY
Hardly helpless ABLE
Heavy hammer MAUL
Historical display DIORAMA
Holiday lights may be under one EAVE
Hound for payment DUN
House of __ LORDS
Land in la mer ILE
Longtime network symbol PEACOCK
Loophole OUT
Lucy’s co-star DESI
Make fully content SATE
Mimic APE
No longer in port ASEA
Not a good fit TANTRUM
Clues Answers
Not a good look LEER
Novelist John le ___ CARRE
Oklahoma people OTO
Outback bird EMU
Pigmented eye parts UVEAS
Poker declaration IFOLD
Potting need SOIL
Private student TUTEE
Producer Scott with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony wins RUDIN
Promotion criteria MERITSYSTEMS
Quebec neighbor ONTARIO
Refine HONE
Resort near Vail ASPEN
Responses from a sycophant YESES
Rio contents AGUA
Sandal features TSTRAPS
Scorch SEAR
Shave-haircut link ANDA
Skater who lit the Olympic cauldron in Nagano ITO
Small deer ROES
Smallish, as an apartment TWOROOM
Solemn oath VOW
Spot __ OFTEA
Standoffish ASOCIAL
Strong desire YEN
Student stressor EXAM
Subj. that may include a lab SCI
Submissions to eds MSS
Tapped-off remnant ASH
They’re run in taverns BARTABS
Those, in Tijuana ESOS
Times in classifieds AFTS
Tsar’s decree UKASE
TV buying channel HSN
Uncouth sort BOOR
Use a microdermabrasion agent, say EXFOLIATE
Wine container CASK

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