L.A. Times Daily – Jun 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Calvin and Hobbes” bully MOE
“East of Eden” director Kazan ELIA
“Mossy, bossy” Seuss character LORAX
“Yeah, sure” IBET
“__ takers?” ANY
A pop PER
A-plus student STARPUPIL
Air gun shot BBS
Alero automaker, informally OLDS
Amtrak sta. times ETAS
Ask for a donation HITUP
Athletic brand with a three-stripe logo ADIDAS
Bay leaf source LAUREL
Business attire SUIT
Channel that covers Capitol Hill CSPAN
Coffee order similar to a latte FLATWHITE
Cushion PILLOW
Dashboard abbr MPH
Deferential denial NOSIR
Depend (on) RELY
Diet based on the eating habits of early humans PALEO
Docent’s deg MFA
Dog that licks Garfield ODIE
Dramatic end of a cinematic chase scene CARCRASH
Emotional request PLEA
Enjoy the lake in winter, perhaps ICESKATE
Eurasia’s __ Mountains URAL
Female sib SIS
Feminine pronoun HERS
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
Finger food at luaus POI
Focus (on) ZEROIN
Gabrielle of “Being Mary Jane” UNION
Gymnast Biles who won four gold medals in Rio SIMONE
Hard-to-open cap CHILDPROOFLID
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Kept in the email loop CCED
Like 8 or 88 EVEN
Like one’s back during cat pose ARCHED
Lively dances POLKAS
Looking swell SPIFFY
Luthor of the comics LEX
Macaroni often used in cold salads ELBOWS
Measly PUNY
Mexican coin PESO
More than a snack MEAL
Not quite foggy MISTY
Novelist __ Neale Hurston ZORA
Op. __: footnote abbr CIT
Overly anxious NEUROTIC
Pepper named for a Syrian city ALEPPO
Peruvian people who cultivated potato varietals INCA
Place to buy gifts for kids TOYSHOP
Post-op area ICU
Puzzle that may have dead ends MAZE
Received GOT
Save, as a newspaper article TEAROUT
Scold harshly TONGUELASH
Short cut? SNIP
Slot in a cash drawer ONES
Socially dominant figures ALPHAS
Spring flower painted by van Gogh PURPLEIRIS
Sticks a stake in, as a vampire IMPALES
Throw shade at DIS
Trivial complaint NIT
Trivial, as a complaint PETTY
Tucked-away recess ALCOVE
Twisted humor IRONY
Vaccine manufacturer PFIZER
With very little effort EASILY
Words to live by CREDO
Zoo trench MOAT
__ card: smartphone need SIM
__ Lanka SRI

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